Playing with a Princess


These last couple of days I have been working on a project I started a little while ago,Img_0734_resize but was waiting for some supplies from o/s to finish it off.  It’s a castle for my princess.  It’s funny how thinImg_0730_resizegs go sometimes.  Without any specific ‘gender nurturing’ that I can immediately identify we have a real ‘girly’ Princess who loves Barbie & handbags & shiny things & a little man who likes to bash & crash things & build & pull down.  Anyways, our little missy lurrrrrves Barbie & princesses & Mirrapossa (??sp) & Bibble (if NONE of this is making any sense to you – they are characters from ‘extrapolated barbie stories’ where Barbie is the ‘princess’ in traditional fairy tales)  At two years old, she doesn’t have a long attention span yet for stories – but she loves them – so I have created her a fairytale castle using Alpha Stamps lovely sleeping beauty imagery & lots of jewels & bling.  With all of the great stuff that’s there though, it is VERY likely to have a ‘Cinderella’ sequel & with the huge range of Alice images – I Img_0722webMUST create an Alice book as well (I am thinking in the shape of a tea-cup) at some point.  It just is so much fun to be creating fantasy – for someone SO wedded to reality!  Taking a trip FAR, far Away & Long Long Ago was good fun!  Oh, & if you are wondering – the fabulous ‘velvet’ leaves are from Alpha Stamps as well.  They only come in a couple of colours & I have used alcohol inks, reinkers & Adirondack Colour Wash to ‘colour’ them up a bit for my story.  They are really soft & my Princess loves stroking them – it’s like the satin fringe on her favourite blanket.


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