A Long Tea Party


Img_0524_resize Img_0482_resize

Img_0529_resize Img_0492_resizeImg_0511_resize I have created this new Alice treasure to showcase the FABULOUS new clear stamps from Alpha Stamps & collage sheets released this week.  Oh MY Goodness – they are great & I can’t wait to use them for our up & coming ‘Sally’s Tea Party’ in September, as well as lots of other fun Alice things.  This is the treasure I was working on last week that I couldn’t show you yet……. it’s about 5" wide x 40" long & winds around a vintage Plate7wooden thread spool that I bought in France.  My inspiration was the incredibly long table in the ‘rackham’ image of the ‘tea party’ scene – I wanted to create a tactile impression of the table stretching out before Alice – & her dwarfed by it’s appearance.  I have done lots of stitching on this piece so it has a kind of ‘applique’ look – each of the little panels are stitched to each other, & the images are bordered with stitching as well. I have used delicious vintage lace – some napkins with gorgeous tea cups on theme (I made this pre-release of the new ‘tea cup’ collage sheets now available) Although I was excited about creating it – I didn’t realise what a monster I was making to photograph – so sorry the images are a little disjointed.  Here it is all joined together, however, given the download constraints for the size of the image, it’s not all that clear.Tea_party_web

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  1. Wow Keron, you were on a roll this time! (sorry~I just couldn’t help it)
    What a fabulous idea and wonderful interpretaion of this classic story.
    But then, only you could do something so lovely.

  2. Keron, your project is wonderful! You are such an inspiration to me! I got Nick Bantock’s Urgent 2nd Class book from the library today and devoured it! It is so good. I’m always scouring the thrift stores for old books and toys and all kinds of fun things to make art with. I have requested from the library some of the other books that I haven’t read yet. Thanks for the great sources of wonderful ideas! I had to tell you, too, that I am just as fair skinned as you are so I know what you mean about staying out of the sun. There is a photo of me on my blog to prove it!! Have a great day down under and thanks again!

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