this is the DAY


WELL – this is the day that I can finally reveal to you the projects I have been working on  lately – there is only 2 – actually more than 2 – but that’s a whole other story, which you will get more of as the week unfolds.  TODAY the first COLLAGE SHEETS designed by me were released through Alpha Stamps & can be ordered world wide via their online store. The first ones are about Alice, as Alpha Stamps has a whole raft of Alice collage sheets & fabulous clear stamps newly introduced this week.   I am very excited for these two to be out there & there are already Isthatalicewebmore in the pipe line – but for now – TWO is it! 

The first one, is a whole collection of girls that could be Alice, at a glimpse called ‘Is that Alice’ for anyone who is a ‘dyed in the wool’ Alice fan, there is limited material available to work with – two traditional styles of illustrations Tenniel (in B & W) & Arthur Rackham – which I adore – in colour in a scrawlly line drawn style of the Art’s & Crafts period – a little dark & not too colourful.  The pics on my collage sheets are to give a bit of artistic license & a variation of style on your Alice creations.  All beautiful faces – they are in varying poses & shapes – ready for your imagination!

My designs are registered under uRban driFTwood.  I know that’s a bit of a strange name (although apart from Smith & Jones – what’s a ‘normal’ name???? LOL!)  My design tag ‘Urban Driftwood’ relates to the pleasure I find in the ephemera of our everyday life & my need to turn it into art that tells a story.  I will have an Etsy store online called Urban Driftwood sometime in late 2008,  but that is a bit of an evolution process & I am just not sure what that’s all going to look like (ie artwork, prints, supplies????? hmmmm – still Iwonderwebruminating on that one)

The second sheet is called ‘I Wonder’ & is a mixture of text, faux postage stamps (created from Arthur Rackhams illustrations) & Alice words & titles.  The text has been carefully crafted (believe me – HOURS of work) to create ‘lines’ of text & titles for your creations & should prove to be quite fun to play with.  The black & white illustrations are the traditional Tenniel illustrations & are great for ‘colouring up’ with pencils, markers, H2O’s or whatever your favourite medium is.  I would love to have feedback from Alice fans about these & hear what you think & ESPECIALLY see (have a link to) anything you make with them!

The ones that I have in the pipeline are of varying topics, but as a collage artist with ‘evolving’ drawing skills (I AM NOT saying I CAN’T anymore!!) I rely on found images alot to tell my stories – so there are varying sizes – expressive faces – interesting words & phrases for you to use……I will let you know when they are released.

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  1. How ExTREMEly cool – I love both of these sheets , the one for the beautiful classic artwork , and the second for some of the most interesting text out there to play with. It’s just plain fun , and a big congratulations to you!

  2. You clever little possum, congratulations Keron, the girls are beautiful, mmm do I see one of you!! in the bottom left corner, I love that one in particular. Keep up the great work. X J

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