a divine little book


Img_0584_resize_2I had some feedback from one of my regular readers lately that she wasn’t enjoying  the  progression of my ‘face experiment’, although she could see what I was up to & what I was trying to achieve, it wasn’t making for good ‘blog reading’.  SO, in her honour I am NOT posting my face from today – but the beginnings of a 12 month ‘Tip-in’ journal project being hosted at Paper Traders. (In case you are not familiar with what I can assume is only an USA terminolgy, instead of sending the whole book around as you do for a travelling Round Robin journal, you send out a completed page once a month.  It’s the same – but not!)  I have come across a divine little book called ‘Wonders & Beauties of the Year’   It was published in the Victorian era I think about 1890 & has lots of fine lithographs throughout & aWbinsectsweb gold embossed cover.Img_0585_resize  I already know that the paper is a bit dodgy & the binding is not going to go the distance, but it is just such a lovely specimen, I wanted to use it for a project.  It’s all spotted with rusty marks & has lovely drawings, poetry & fancy Wbjulysonnetweb_2lettering & plates for title pages to each chapter.For the moment, I am not doing a great deal of work on it, just getting it started, as I will recieve pages from other Paper Traders once a month, & I will do some more every now & then & at the end of the 12 months it will all come together.  As the paper is so brittle, I am limited in what I can use on the pages, so these first ones, I have used pencils & crayons, & gesso without any water.  I used a small ‘brilliance’ stamp pad to shade the walls – which was interesting, because I didn’t have a whole lot of control over it’s intensity or fine detailed placement……here are a couple of pics.  



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  1. Keron I am totally in awe of the adventure that you are embarking on. I wait with anticipation of what you are going to do next. Keep it coming.

  2. Keron I am totally in awe of the adventure that you are embarking on. I wait with anticipation of what you are going to do next. Keep it coming.

  3. Oh, what a gem!! Honestly Kes, you need a whole gallery to dispaly your work!! So love the ‘Alice’ spool, love the added applique touches also…..L x

  4. I love seeing your faces …and each is more lovely than the one before. I try to come here every day to see the progress. It is very inspiring.
    Your book is lovely. What you have done in it is really sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lovely looking book Keron and I’m sure it’s going to be wonderful to look at when it’s finished. That’s one thing that I do miss about being so busy with work and my classes, being able to take part in things “just because you can”. Never mind, I’ll enjoy looking at what you get from others and what you do too.

  6. Well, I have enjoyed watching the progression of your faces and the interesting ways you implement them in your art projects.
    Your book is lovely and I’m honored to be working in it =)

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