Playing Dolls


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I have been playing with dolls – beginning my ‘pocket family’ for my ‘house’ page in my Soul Journal.  I have decided that seeing as it is a Venice house – it will have a ‘Venetian’ family……I started out to create a family of 6 – however I got really carried away with this oImg_0593_resizene & it took me a really long time, so perhaps I will just end up making a couple.  I really wanted to use the Alpha Stamps ‘masks’ that I had, & in order to do that the faces are a little out of proportion, but unless the masks are off, you don’t notice this.  I have created her with a separate body & a ‘tabbed’ outfit that hides her true self.  Venice is a city of Masks – it has always been so.  They were created to hide the true identity of the wearer during promiscuous or decadent activites – Lena hides that her life is one of acquired anxiety, masked by compliance.  Venetians began to wear masks in a climate of cultural and religious repression during the Medieval era in Italy. People donned the colorful masks to free themselves from judging neighbors, all of whom knew each other in such a small city. The gentry class and peasants alike sought anonymity for promiscuity, gambling, and other indiscretions. Even the clergy were known to dress up to go dancing.

Although it seems unnecessary, Lena wears her mask all the time, so that no one sees through her thinly veiled facade.  She doesn’t have many friends, as all of the girls know that it is their own father’s that have been manipulated into providing her ensamble.  As usual, it’s hard to capture her fully, but she has jewels, vintage hand dyed lace & silk ribbons, afforded to her, the prominance of an informer’s stipend…….you see – her house is the one with the mail box for post secrets – and once discovered, a detainee is more than willing to make all kinds of gifts to her father – the finest silks & braids from the orient – Parisian couture, fragrances from desert countries that she merely acknowledged as existing.  Like all houses with Secrets – nobody comes in – nobody comes out   Img_0591_resize



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  1. Your paper doll is amazing. I love all of the details and what a wonderful story you tell. I haven’t started my paper dolls yet. I’ve been working around them and finishing other later assignments. I guess I want to give myself a good afternoon or more to design them. Your doll is so inspiring that I’m eager to start mine. Thanks!

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