A Turn in the Road


AutumnrosesI have one more season to finish – Autumn, & I have taken some fabulous shots of Julia roses that I want to incorporate into the page, & I am not able to print them up at the moment, so I have move on to the next page until I am ready with my rose pics.  Img_0581_2 Sarah has been encouraging us with the last couple of challenges, basically, just to make a chaotic mess on your page using all kinds of things in random order…….this was about as chaotic as I could manage… I created a palette of aqua, moss green & titanium white, & dragged a 1 inch wide brush across it in stripes, without washing out the brush.  As a consequence, the further I got down the page, the ‘muddier’ my colours became & they merged together, which looked really nice.  I had Img_0571_resize been ambitious about how much paint that I needed, & had some left over, so I used it to paint up some canvas blanks to use later.  Once, I had used up the majority of the paint, I then used the cello wrapper I was using as a palette to press on & off my half dry page of ‘stripes’ to give it a ‘grungy’ effect.  I have been wanting to try to create a face using a different palette than realistic facial tones – so just for something ‘chaotic’ and different – I chose orange & purple – I KNOW – a bit out there………then I wanted to create a quite ‘sketchy’, more random look about it, so I took to it with a sharpie. The text is meant to be thought provoking – the smaller text in white & black is a little more personal but the main text reads: ‘it’s hard to find colour in a blank & white world’…….it’s kinda a bit of a knock at our world being homogenized & nannified…. if you don’t get it – it doesn’t matter……and NO, that’s not a bindi on my head – it’s a hypothetical on/off switch – that I wish I had so that I could turn off my logic.  Creating this face really did alot for me – I am not sure whether I am heading into an ugly ‘grungy’ phase & the first part of the journal won’t even resemble the pages that follow – but I certainly feel as though I turned a corner in the process of creating this page.  I am not sure where that corner is leading me – BUT I do sense a significant change in direction. 


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