A few distractions


Img_0524_crop    I have been pretty busy the last couple of days, preparing some artwork for Alpha Stamps, however, I can still only give you a little glimpse – I have used a vintage wooden thread spool from France that I have been keeping for something special – & THIS IS SPECIAL, I can’t wait to show you!  (in a couple of weeks).Img_0536_resizeImg_0540_resize I have added a little to  my Spring girl – but it still isn’t finished & have started my summer page – now one of the things that put me off ‘drawing & painting’ for many years is my challenge with the line between make believe & reality & trying to get an acceptable balance between the two.  If you watched the Suzi Blu video that I gave you the link to (here it is again) you’ll remember ‘the bad man’ & I confessed that I lived with him…….WELL – when I presented my ‘summer’ girl to our daughter – her TOTALLY discouraging attitude re-inforced me giving up & not trying…..so her sun hat looks like the moon – & her hands are too big & long…….she sorta looks ok!!! LOL!!!!………this page still needs lots of interpretive stuff on it & some help to explain the story……in short, people from O/S have the impression of Australians that we may do our fair share of beach & ‘sun’ time….. however, being as fair as I am, I can’t be in the sun for very long at all without being badly sunburned.  I am more inclined to head to the cool of the mountains & forest that surround my home (when we are not on bushfire high alert!)……LOL!!!…..so this page still needs more work – but that’s what it’s about……… I only have Autumn to go now – I am dreaming of smooshing my hands through Golden’s Nickel Azo Gold & Quinacridone Burnt Orange – oh YUM……….but for tonight – I am playing with these little treasures & hope to have more to show you tomorrow.Img_0541_resize

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  1. Oh! Kes, i’m excited about that spool, it looks exciting, and LOVE the charms…you’re obviously keeping yourself busy! Lynne

  2. I have been working on faces lately…they are difficult. I’m taking the art lessons that Suzi Blu is starting on Aug 18. My style isn’t her style but I thought I could learn and come up with my own style. Keep practicing…it will get easier! I love your blog…learned a lot from it!

  3. “you are beautiful no matter what they say. words can’t bring you down. you are beautiful in every single way. words can’t bring you down.”
    i just posted the video to my blog because i need the reminder.

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