Spicks & Specks & Spring


A little news…….. Jenn from Somerset Studios emailed & said she loves these & they will appear in Somerset Gallery Dec 1stAlittlebirdiethumbweb Littleboythumbweb – so that’s exciting news

Oh, and I have been creating this – but it’s a secret so I can only show you a glimpse Img_0410_resizebut keep an eye on Alpha Stamps – some GREAT new products coming our way SOOOOON!

As far as my Face of the Day goes – I am going to have to come back to this page – for the moment I am ready to throw Miss_spring_resizethe whole book through a window…….. I have worked & re-worked this face & I STILL hate it!  You can see my beautiful model below (DON’T ask! – I didn’t even have a go at the freckles! LOL!!!) She really appealled to me as I thought she had a ‘spring’ looking complexion & such a pretty face.Springinspirationweb I really struggled with the mouth – I think that it is over painted about 5 times – & the thing about acylics is that they are not so blendable after they are dry – I am finding that aspect of using them challenging.  Spring is one of my fav. seasons so I was really looking forward to doing this spread, however, now I am going to come back to the page later when I have rested from it a bit.  The patchwork quilt of ‘spring’ papers are covering up
1. a very lame attempt at Sarah’s latest challenge
2. Paint over
3. an even worse ‘Monet’s Garden’  THANKFULLY I am working onto good paper – it can take the beating it’s getting!  My text reads ‘Pink is not a colour that suits me to wear.  But when it is Spring, I feel pink & green.  This colour combination speaks fresh to me’


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  1. Keron, You are amazing, your journal is fantastic, I have been watching what has been evolving, keep up the great work. Love J x

  2. Keron those birds are beautiful… love the jewels!!!
    I have to applaud you on doing a face a day (something I have not managed!!!). Keep up the good work, some of those faces are really good!

  3. just a suggestion here — for tricky facial features like that mouth, try drawing that same face on graph paper. Place an acetate sheet marked off in half inch or whatever increments over the magazine image, then mark off your drawing paper in the same increments or larger — this exercise will really amaze you, because when you isolate the individual elements of the image down to such small segments, you see just how far off we can get when we are looking at that picture and thinking “mouth,” which is just making it harder to “copy” the image. You will get highly accurate at portrait copying very fast if you practice with this technique even just a few times a week. It completely changes how you see things. good luck!

  4. She’s really very lovely Keron… without looking at the photo, I think the face you drew is nice – the angles and proportions are pretty good. I see what you mean about the mouth and the thing is that the photo is more of a side view (mostly one side of her smile shows but very little of the other) and I can also understand the frustration of re-working again and again… you have more patience than me! If you really don’t like it, you could put words across her mouth to emphasis the message of your page. All that being said, I think she’s quite pretty just as she is =)

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