Lady D’Winter


IT IS FREEZING HERE!!!! Brrrrrrr….. (last night it was -5 degrees celcius [23 degrees F])…… no use denying it, I am a COLD FROG – & I just don’t cope too well with it being REALLY cold…….. there are glimpses of hope though – we are Img_2462_resizejust seeing little hints of the emergence of Spring. Tiny glimpses of buds & blossoms, which were safely closeted within their outer skin from the frosts are starting to slowly awaken & show.  My daphne’s flowers are just starting to open….& the smell is divine….it reminds me that (YAY) my birthday is not far away. (only 24 sleeps!) 

This transitional phase of seasonality has prompted me to create a series of pages depicting the seasons……. my favourite seasons are the inbetweens – Spring & Autumn, but as I hope to express in my pages, every season holds it’s own treasure & living in the mountains, that is really apparent. This is my first ‘seasons’ page, called Lady D’Winter.  She is really much nicer in real life – the page background has been created using lots of gel transfers of one of my pics or skeletal trees.  I didn’t intned this to prominant – just hints in the background.  I didn’t actually initially plan on the page being quite as dark as this, but it’s how it evolved.  Lady D’Winter iLady_dwinter_resizes adorned with filigree snow flakes (a stamp from Alpha Stamps by Leigh Hannan). If you don’t have any of Leigh’s stamps, check them out ‘cos the detailing is superb…(THESE are more of my favs – scroll down to the filigree designs)I have used silver gilding on her hair & around the outline of her top, but sadly, the silver just looks grey in the scan, but in person, it’s lovely touch of bling that really lifts her face. 

The text reads: ‘The huge grandfather Ghost Gum stand like silent sentinels in the mist & the sounds on the forest floor are few.  Winter has dropped a quilt of frost that twinkles in the splinters of morning sunlight.  Sometimes a pocket of snow can be found in a fracture of landscape.  Slow food, good company & fresh home baked bread are on the menu.  My thick woollen coats are always what I am wearing & a luscious throw rug & cushions adorn the couch for snuggles.  ‘For the unlearned, old age is winter, for the learned, it is the season of harvest.’


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  1. Hey, it’s hot and humid here! Maybe we should swap homes for a couple of weeks to get a change of pace. Like you, I really prefer the “tween” seasons when the temps are more moderate. The art and text are superb.

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