My Heart Has Plans


My_heart_has_plans_resize This page evolved over an architectural plan stuck into my art journal.  I have made several things before using architectural plans, but I haven’t used it as a substrate before (ie did my work onto it)… considering it is not really an ‘art’ paper at all (meant to plot onto, but not necessarily wet), it actually went performed quite well…..there is the odd wrinkle here & there – but you can (well, I CAN) get it just from paper lifting……..This is the last page in this signature (4 signatures, each has 8 double page spreads), & all of the work that I have done so far has been using watercolours of & with various mediums.  For this next Img_1234_resizegroup of pages, I am going to use acrylics, so that I have some variety through out the book……Sorry about the shadowing across the gutter of the book – it looks much nicer IRL of course.  After gluing the plan in my book, I coated it lightly with gesso & then loosly worked out my composition…..after I had done that, I went back in with the gesso to cover the parts of the plan I wasn’t highlighting, more thoroughly. I didn’t want all of the plan notations to show up, so I made sure this was covered too.  Img_1237_resize Then I started working on the key elements – the face & the road.  I want to layer up the tonal value, so I mixed some gesso with the crayon, by rubbing the crayon on some baking paper (like a heavy greeseproof paper) & then mixing it with some gesso. I keep working up the tones & colours by layering lots of different tones, then finished off by rubbing pigment (in powdered form) over the edges a little.  I have used my all time fav. text stamp on this spread – it’s a scrolly text stamp from the Australian company – Collections.  I have it in both large & small size & I use it all the time.  The text on the piece reads: ‘My heart holds plans that cannot be built merelywith bricks & mortar.’

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  1. The deep earth color really grounds out the painting, making the face stand out..lovely…and its good to hear how you got there too. Lots to read on your site… fellow soul journaler and Soul retreat person..

  2. Hi Keron,
    I love how this piece has evolved and I think this is my favourite “face” so far !!!
    Beautiful piece.

  3. So sorry to hear you are stuck in freezing weather. Hope it warms up soon.
    I love your version of this prompt. Perfect. And her face is so lovely. Very pleasing. Oh, and that paper is great.

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