Elephant On the Menu


On_the_menu_resize This is the latest page from my art journal…as I hinted at yesterday – complete with it’s own elephant…. it’s titled ‘Elephant on the Menu’ ….. The text reads ‘It has been said that an elephant can be eaten one bite at a time.  I have an elephant that I need to eat but I am already tired of elephant being the


only thing on the Menu.’  Being a BIG ‘Bourne trilogy’ fan, I used the VERY gorgeous Julia Stiles as my face model, I didn’t quite get the nose translation right, but I am working on that one!  It’s a very wet, rainy day here in Melbourne, just the kind that you want to hole up in your studio & play – with no sun beckoning you outside!  I hope you are all having a special day.


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  1. I just love this! It was a treat to read through your pages. Oh, you are so talented. And to be able to capture such a likeness in your art from your
    model. Wow.
    I’ve subscribed. I don’t want to miss one thing.

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