A miracle, making people & other things


Red_buildings_resize (yawn) oh, I AM a bit tired after my ‘all-nighter’ on Venice – now I am thinking about the next challenge – making people to go into the house – I am a bit torn on where to take this – as my house has a bit of a cryptic meaning & there are several directions I could take it…….the topic of the page being about home & family makes it a jumble sale of mixed feelings, & that I chose a place of wonder & beauty like Venice to ‘set’ my house in gives it a whole other context…..but……my Venice house is a House of Secrets & a bit of intrigue…… you may not have noticed, but on the bottom RHS corner of my ‘house’ there is a ‘lion’s mouth’ letter box. (yawn)  This is a photo of a real letter box face from Venice where people could post anonymous letters denouncing fellow citizens for tax avoidance, bribery or embezzlement.   I HAD imagined that we might use the pocket for collecting all kinds of bits’n’bobs, hence me going with the ‘secret’ theme…… I may integrate both & perhaps even some of my ephemera from Venice……. Under the pattern on the window is the name of it – The House of Secrets – & it’s street no. is 15 – the number of the house I grew up in.  This whole ‘soul’ thing has become more of a tricky subject matter for me than I anticipated when I started the journey.   I guess I want to do the project, without it necessarily having to be a ‘traumatic exorcism’ of my checked past. AND of course – you REALLY don’t want to know about it – we’re all about the art here!  I am working on finding a happy equillibrium within the context of the topics & subject matter.

I wanted to tell you a bit about the wonder of Venice – spoken of as the Pict1755_resize‘city of lovers’. I guess it is a city for lover’s because, like many Italian cities, it is a ‘Slow Destination’ -it is a place where time moves slowly because life is so manual…. people either walk or go by boat – shops are small & specialised & food is fresh & local.  Garbage is collected daily in a wheel barrow & everything that you could possibly imagine happens by boat… (have you thought about an ‘armoured boat’ [collecting/distributing funds]; we saw a ‘funeral procession’ by boat!  Home renovation supplies arriving by boat, being ferried one boat load at a time…..of course water taxi’s, but you do see those in other places……oh, and concrete boats (instead of trucks) – there was much novelty value for an infrequent visitor to see yet another boat with a cargo of some unusual thing – oh, a bread boat – they were great…  People take the time to stop to Altar_morano_resize talk & people greet each other in Venice.   Each building, each doorway, each little laneway or footbridge has a thousand stories.  It appears that at some point or another the Italians decided to stop painting.  There was very few places that I saw that didn’t have an element of peeling paint.  that Venice is a feast for the soul…. a visual banquet for anyone remotely aware of their surroundings.  I love coming around a little corner to find a shrine in the wall to someone or other, & to discover an old well or drinking fountain that is literally hundreds of years old. (YES – that’s my husband – can you read the body language???  NOT ANOTHER photograph – he was SO over it – I would not ever go with him again!)  Significantly impacted by archietecture of the Middle  East, Venice was the heart of the printing industry in Europe for some time in 17th Century.  Certainly as a seaport it was a corncoppia of goods of every variety imaginable & a bustling hive of activity.  My fav. building is St. Marco Basilica where it is said that the bones of St. Mark are buried.  Without a single affliation to the cause, you can’t walk up to, let alone IN TO the building & not be in awestruck amazement……. I just re-read that, & it’s really wordy – but in short, it’s breathtaking. There isn’t a single detail that is unadorned.  The floors are tens of thousands of mosaic tiles – the sculptures go on for ever, the symetry of the building is like a poem – the mosaics are masterpieces……….I COULD go on & on…. if you EVER have the chance to see it – don’t pass it up!Night_owl_resize

Along the way, as I work in this journal, I am trying to inject some lighter stuff, still personal, but not too deep…….  this is a page I did the other night……. & click below if you want to see what I started today…… yes – that IS an elephant!

We are having visitors unexpectedly, so that’s where I wImg_2770_resizeill have to leave it today…..I will have to leave my window sill fairies to play without me

Img_0400_resizehere’s the roughed in sketch for my newest page….. oh, and the miracle?  Today I opened a new album in my image file & I have the first entry, for a new life growing in our family….. here it is, a pic of our precious new grandbaby at 12 weeks gestation via 3D scan (have I mentioned I am a technology junky???  HOW fabulous is this!!!?!?)  The little cherub is sucking his/her thumb…..how precious!New_baby_12_weeks_3 


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  1. Keron,
    Love your Venice pages.
    Next to Paris, Venice is my favourite place in the world. Love the smells, sounds, sights, buildings etc. etc.
    Also am impressed with your faces, you have done a marvellous job.

  2. Love your princess-and-the-pea type bed… it’s very clever =) And how PRECIOUS is your new grandbaby to be? I think those new ultrasounds are so amazing. A coworker once brought her daughter’s video in and we watch the baby move around – it was incredible.

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