A LITTLE bit of Venice


Go & get a cuppa or a cool drink (depending on which hemisphere you are in) this is going to be a long post…………lol!  I have been working on the latest Journal challenge from Sarah to firstly create a pocket on your page, & then turn that into a house……..continuing on, create a little town of sorts around it, using collage & what ever art materials you like to work with.  I got out my travel books & decided that I wanted to make a ‘venice’ style town & that I was going to some how integrate my ‘face of the day’ into my composition.  I decided to make the ‘pocket’ house on a larger scale & create ‘canals’ with buildings in between. 
I have put hours & hours in to this spread – but it’s probably still only three-quarters Img_1181_resizefinished.  Sarah suggested we used a brown paper bag, however I already had embroidered a piece of 600lb watercolour paper when I made the journal, intending to make a pocket somewhere, but then didn’t end up using it….. SO – I thought I’d use that instead.  It is REALLY rigid & thick & the challenge was working out a way to fix it into my book…….I wasn’t confident that any glue I had would do the job.  I finally decided I would ‘lace’ it in & set about working out my page layout & what shape I wanted the main house & where I would lace it on.  I used my Japanese screw punch to make holes all around the edge of the ‘pocket’ piece – then used it as a template to mark the page & punched the page as well.  This gave me a sense of proportion for thImg_1185_resizee rest of the spread & made it easier to move forward with ‘structuring’ the composition. I hand made some papers to use & tried Ranger Colour Wash for my main colour work.  These were really good on the watercolour paper.  I bought them at the art retreat I went to a couple of months ago (then didn’t use them for what we were supposed to do with them) & haven’t really had the occasion to get them out.  I AM SOLD ON THEM.  They were great – they ‘flood’ nicely on to the paper & as I only have either pencil or crayon to do Img_1191_resizewatercolour with, it was much easier using these to cover larger areas.  They are VERY watery though, & strong colours – so a little goes a long way.  After I was happy with the colours I had laid down, then I cut out a whole lot of buildings AND OF COURSE – being Venice, I had to have a bridge (it was kinda copied from one of my pics of the Rialto bridge, but it doesn’t really bear a close resemblence.   Then it was time to work on my face, for my pocket….. well, when you see the finished result, the Img_1195_resizehair has a kinda ‘Sophia Loren’ beehive look about it, it just kinda got out of control!! LOL!!!  BUT – the face looks kinda ok….I am happy to see some progress! (I have just gone back through this post & deleted about 6 places I begin with SO – I say that alot IRL!)……SOOOO…. I am tired & going to bed…..but the last thing I did was lace on the pocket with some of my hand dyed thread.  Here she is resting for the evening – I will get back to it some time tomorrow.  Everything is more or less just little ‘blocks’ & it all looks quite raw… I need to do all of the line work to turn them into buildings of sorts & I still want to add some doors & windows & some stamping & some other bits’n’bobs…….(I haven’t had a car all week as it is in for repairs – it does wonders for your productivity when you can’t go anywhere! LOL!)



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  1. Absolutely Wonderful!! I agree with Christy!! I thought the Ranger Colour Wash line were just for spritzing out of a bottle…very cool and intense color!

  2. holy cow! you win the award for most amazing spread… if only i could do this type of art. i’m awed! sophia’s face (jk) looks really good and i am liking the hair a lot.

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