I have been honoured lately by several awards which I AM humbled to recieve……. thanks for the nominations, with so much AMAZING talent out there in blogland, I am blog of distinctionalways surprised when this happens.  Little old me in ‘outback’ Ferntree Gully.  I love that about the web – where you live doesn’t limit your access to the world!  The teacher in me just wants to ‘tell you’ and ‘show you how’, I really like doing it, so your feedback is always encouraging.

I WANT TO TAKE THE TIME TO SAY THANK YOU – to all of the people that take the time to write to me, to encourage me, to give me feed back & notes about your progress….. it’s a lovely blessing of being a part of a broader community….. thank you!

Brillante WeblogI need to nominate some other blogs the awards as well (the REAL reason they come around to me is people probably run out of blogs to give it to!!! LOL!!)  There are always SO many – I have links down the side bar of some of my regular haunts – but here are some I’d like to pick out as special today – some ‘old favs’ & some ‘newly discovered’.

Dijanne Cevaal – The Musings of a Textile Itinerant -fabulous textile artist living in Victoria Australia

Dawn – The Feathered Nest – luscious eye candy for someone with a ‘cupboard lusting’ for all things French & Country.

Deryn – Something Sublime – although we share passions for different styles of art we are soul sistas & I heart her

Roxanne – River Garden Studio – beautiful, soulful painting & artworks

Danny Gregory – Every Day Matters – a new discovery as I try to build my drawing skills.

WELL……..that just about does it for now…….. have fun exploring some of my online art friends……& AS PROMISED – here’s a bit of ‘fluff & fun’Fly_resize OH – ps…….’Ferntree Gully’ is NOT REALLY ‘the outback’ it’s just that I used to live only 10 mins from the CBD & we are now about an hour away (in good traffic) & so sometimes it seems isolated.


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  1. Thank you so very much for the awards!!! You’re so sweet to think of me and my blog ~ which I truly love keeping up with. I’m inspired by so many here in the land of blog and the friends I’ve made are simply priceless. It’s so nice to meet you and thank you so much for this honor!! hugs and love, Dawn

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