A Journey of the Soul


A_journey_of_the_soul_cover_resize Together at Last!!!  My handmade journal book is finally together….and I love it – the pages are Artistico Fabricano watercolour paper, the cover is chipboard & various layers of other papers, & it is bound with polished linen string I got from France last time I was there.  Delicious!!! The volume is textural – old & wise looking – trustworthy – holding secrets of my soul…..confidante – a memory keeper……Img_1142_resize   The trouble that I realize now is, that I have created a treasure, because of the time & love I have invested in birthing it – it has much more value to be than a ‘throw away’ moleskin book.  That then, of itself, creates a psychological problem – some thing valuable only deserves my BEST artwork – therefore it is difficult to ‘explore’ & give myself permission to be messy in it.  Img_1141_resize I realized as I was recreating my ‘Naming’ page & my ‘Creation Protector & Nurturer’ page that all of a sudden I was being VERY careful, trying to write neatly, being cautious with the placement of the elements…….I will have to try to keep a check on this through the process.  Already I have found myself baulking at some of the things that Sarah is suggesting – thinking that it is FAR too random & MESSY – I have to let myself be more liberal & free to create.  Althougth I know I am going through an evolutionary process at the moment in every sense of my existence………..I am not at this point transformed into a different being – so FOR NOW (this may be different in time to come) – I still need some elemental order in my excessively random world….& this translates to my art….well, the art that I am creating right now at least……..so the challenge set by Sarah was to write all over a page, then gesso over it (I don’t get that – why cover up how you feel), then cover it with all different tapes & then gesso over the tapes, regardless of their texture or type……too much mess for me & text is an intrinsic part of my creativity – essentially I am a teacher & I want to tell a story – I don’t want to cover up the words……….THE BIG challenge I face with that, is that my writing doesn’t enjoy the same level of annonimity that writing that will be securely hidden behind two layers of gesso & a layer of various tapes does………. this is the place that my challenge lies in this project..Childhood_innocence_resize my text from this page spread reads: ‘Creativity is not merely the innocent spontaneity of our youth & childhood, it must also be married to the passions, the grief’s, the encounters, the environmental influences, of adulthood.  It is in the crucible of euphoric entwinements (I wanted to write sex), our engagement with creation & the experiences of soul crushing grief; that creations are conceived, that, when born, change your world.’  ALL of the stamps used in this page are from Alpha Stamps – if you have children in your life or like to use nursery rhyme themes, Alpha Stamps has a fabulous range of rubber stamps & collage sheets great for all kinds of projects.

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  1. Keron, this is stunning and what you wrote… wow…i just love it so much, thank you for sharing. i am going to keep your words with me. xoxo

  2. Hi Keron,
    I think your journal is gorgeous, and I see why you used the phrase “birthing” it. Sometimes it seems right to me to follow directions, like “get messy” or “be neat”, but ultimately, it has to be my journal/work that I can live with. Thank you so much for showing your beautiful journal.
    Happy days,

  3. Keron, I love your journal. It is beautiful! I also thought it was sad of her to cover up all her great wrtiting with tape! And I know exactly what you mean about wanting each page in that journal to be “perfect”!
    Marianne in Utah

  4. I love your cover and this page is beautiful. Your writing here is fantastic and I very much feel the same.
    I am organized to an extreme in my life outside of art. I naturally gravitate towards order and all things ordered. When I create art it is pure chaos. There may be order in it (which is intrinsic in chaos) but it is not ordered. I find I do my best art when I let go of that organizing, ordering, thinking part of me. If you hesitate to do that in your journal I wonder if you will end up with something beautiful but maybe not as soulful as you might have originally intended? Perhaps you could journal on one half of the spread and then be free and uninhibited on the other page? Then you can have beautiful, soulful and journaling all at once?

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