Secret Garden


Secret_garden_resize Today I have touched the holy grail – LOL!!  I have ventured into the world of hands!  Oh & I thought that noses were hard!  I realize that this lady has a row of pickets top & bottom of her eyes, but again, all in the name of progress!  I created this spread on top of pastings from my own Nanna’s gardening book, so it is special to me.  The journal’s cover is just about finished, it has had a liberal sanding, waxing & sealing & is looking very much like the old battered look that I wanted.  I am going to use leather strips to tie around it when it is finished.9_10_july_08_resize  This is the last of the drawings that I did while I was away – as you can see – on one of the days – I gave up in disgust & thought I’d look at things from a different viewpoint!

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  1. Your hands are FANTASTIC Keron! Wow!!!
    I hate doing hands, but you have done a great job!
    Have decided to join in on the challenge and made 2 signatures last night. Think I minght leave the cover until the end.

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