Little Things


Img_1114_resize_2 The cover of my ‘Soul Journal’ is coming along nicely – I am just taking some extra time with it, to work it up before I do the stitching as it will be difficult to add anything once it is all together (though I know that’s how journal girl does it – but when you are slapping on paint & glue & medium – I’d prefer to keep my pages out the way & the cover is easier to manage)  I am VERY unstructured when it comes to painting – my MOST common tool is a paddle stick……but in this instance, I did use a brush.  You can see that I just literally open my paint drawers & add as I go – after a liberal coating of colour – the I wipe it all back with baby wipes……I then dries overnight (NO – a hair dryer won’t do it! – it will make the polymers in the acrylic paint get soft & rubbery from the heat – the paint needs to harden so that I can take to it with a sanding block!)  So that’s drying – so I have gotten back to my little squares…….. I found that my book was too big to use literal inch squares, so I used my next size up punch, about 1.25in………also, even with 24, they looked a bit lonely on my double spread…….    Img_1115_resizeImg_1109_resizeI couldn’t seem to get a ‘square’ of my chair that actually still looked like a chair or that you could recognise, that got me to thinking about keeping some elements whole & cutting them out…… & off I went.  Abby will be proud of all of my negative space, but it is still a little on the ‘vacant’ side for me – perhaps I will add more to this page later when I discover some treasure…. do you ever do that?  Find something much later & add it to something you had already done with?Little_things_resize  The background is made from Walnut Ink & then I stamped into it using Moonglow bucket o’blood red (what a villianous name?!) & Green Pepper Press Juliet stamps (some of my favs.)  As promised…..more faces from last week…….I haven’t drawn one yet today – that can be next!8_12_july_08_resize


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  1. I am loving your blog! There’s some great info here, aside from your very enjoyable comments on your processes. I also really like this chick with the spiky red hair. I always wish that I could get enough mousse into my hair to make it stand up for itself but it’s very fine and soft and just won’t do bangs at all.
    I keep seeing all these women everyone in Mixed Media seems to be painting and I want to paint them too. But I’m afraid that they will turn out cruddy. There. I’ve said it. Now I suppose I need to go try it and be brave like you! Thank you!

  2. Loving these pages Keron and I am loving your paint drawer! Looks like you have lots to keep you inspired.
    Your latest faces are awesome too, you have really developed your own style with them! I love the eyes too.

  3. Oooh love your going out of the box a bit here and your layout on this ‘little things’ spread is just fab. Thanks for the tip about heating the acrylics. I hate heating them too but never knew the ‘why’ of it. I do the same thing with my painting. Just start grabbing and using, not planned, not thought out, I let that inner bit of me that loves color do that for me. Not sure what you might call that, but it happens entirely without thought by me.
    On to your faces for today. All of your faces have such a sweet look to them. It is something about the eyes and the serenity they all seem to have. I am just loving the girl with the red hair and green eyes. She is almost a little bit punk rocker girl!

  4. I love seeing your process. I think it is great that you didn’t limit yourself to the 1″ squares. It has only been lately that I’ve gone back to something I created and worked on it some more. It is actually fun to revisit an old friend and give her some new accessories! I’ve discovered how much I love to work digitally and I have scanned a bunch of my collages from the last year or so and then have played with them in a different way.

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