Take 2


    Img_1098_resize Img_1099_resize  The new journal is under construction – it’s size was rather arbitrarily decided by the size of a quarter of a piece of watercolour paper – folded in half – it worked out to be a tad narrower than A4, but just as tall……..which is great, cos I hate having to do 4 scans of a double page spread & then stitch it together in Photoshop – it’s not hard to do, it just makes the whole process of posting take much more time.  I wanted a different look than I usually do with my own style of coptic stitching (it has an open spine & you see the signatures)  I wanted this one more like a book so I followed these instructions from ‘a girl & her journal’ .  Can you believe it?  I actually had a book cover to recycle that was EXACTLY the right size – A – mazing!   (it was shiny yellow, red & purple – but that wasn’t a problem).  If I walk you through the whole process – we’ll both be here all day, but sufficient to say that I gave the cover a liberal coating of recycled dictionary, music & bible pages……..in several stages……cover, dry, sand off, cover, dry, sand off.  As you use lots of glue I like to dry it thoroughly, so while it has been drying today, I have been firstly cutting out little ‘inchies’ from my magazine clippings that we collected ready for this new Img_1111_resizejournal challenge from Sarah.  We had a list of 24 things we needed to find in magazines….my challenge is the only ones I buy are either Paper Arts or Design & Decoration (AND nothing comes between my Art mags & me; let alone a pair of scissors or a knife!!! LOL!!!)…….with the art ones off limits – that just left the design books………. so some of the elements were harder to find than others.  The cover is still under construction, so I started working in the first signature as the pages won’t be effected by the binding/stiching process. I remade my ‘My_art_is_sacred_2_resizeArt & Soul’ page – it’s different than the first one, because I didn’t have more of the images that I used AND my page is taller by about a third…the window is WAY out of square (that’d never open & close!! LOL!!) ….. there is subsequently more text, a bigger, coloured in garden & a different ‘sacred’ picture.  The new text reads:  ‘Why is making art scary?  It is tangible evidence of your existence, or you being, of your personhood.  If my art is not of an acceptable standard, does that mean that I am not acceptable either.  Why do I think that?  Why does the world only place value on what we do & not realise that each one of us is a living, breathing miracle & let me be me.’……..OK…….deeeeeeeep, now for something more light hearted – 7_11_july_08_resize2 more of my peeps from when we were away – I really don’t like either of them – but there you go, all in the name of progress……The one in the green dress I did on our anniversary & is called ‘The Keeper of Hearts’ (you may notice she has a whole collection of them).  The red kept bleeding into the green & it was hard to get detail at this scale…..I know – pretty ordinary!  The mermaid just kinda slipped off the page as I ran out of room to get her proportion right…& I just COULD NOT get my white gel pen to work over the water colour crayon to create detailing in the water……there is a little bit there, but I wanted to do quite a bit of line work on it in the water…….I am using A5 sized (about half a quarto size) watercolour paper & rendering in water colour using pencils & Neocolour II crayons………..the limiting thing I was finding with this was that to fit a whole body or any detailing in, the head had to be small & the whole drawing thing was supposed to be about doing a face a day…..yep – you’ll see I kinda lost the plot along the way a little.  I think that I am back on track now, as I will probably end up doing my ‘faces’ in my art journal spread some how or other in the composition.  Of course todays was a ‘redraw’ of the face in the original journal – but I do like this one a bit better – in particular – I think that the hair is better, & of course I don’t have the severe bleeding issues I had with the other paper, so the detail is a bit finer.


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  1. The cover seems to be coming along nicely. I love the new revised page and think the garden is still beautiful. Hmm the # of hearts she has collected is just the perfect bit of fun and she has the sweetest face you would never guess. I love your mermaid. I can see the bits in the water and wish you could have done more too as what I can see looks great. I love the mermaids clothes, love the scales.

  2. Your work as I am seeing on this blog is FABULOUS!
    I have enjoyed getting to know a sense of you by reading through your entries.
    Yours is a sit with the cup of tea visit. relaxing.
    A true glimpse into …you.
    Refreshing and true is what I come away feeling.
    The soul journal project is coming along very well.
    paper can be an issue..

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