I killed it, already!


My_art_is_sacred_resize WELL: THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG – my new art journal is dead!  I am going to have to begin again.  I had serious misgivings about the weight of the paper yesterday.  I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MYSELF! Today I have been working in it & have totally ruinated several pages & just to top it off – (LUCKILY – I scanned this page right away,) the black ‘artline’ marker that I used to draw in my flower garden in the ‘gutter’ of the page has bled everywhere.  The cause was the Matte Medium I applied to the following page to start the background.  The following page almost fell apart in my hands – I have even added a piece of sturdy scrapbooking paper down the gutter to strengthen it, BUT, it’s a shocker!  What a mess!  Uggh! I HATE THAT! Even after a coat of gesso as a substrait!  HOW frustrating.

I KNOW THIS – DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH LOW END PAPER for mixed media – it just can’t stand the working & re-working!  LOL!…….(I even issue this with my RR instructions to new artists!). stupid me, stupid me, stupid me!!!!

..SUZI, you are wrong on this one! (Suzi Blu says use any book)…………TOMORROW I will either buy one or get some paper to make a new one – I can’t think about it right now – I am too disappointed – if I look at this any longer – it will end up in the bin TONIGHT!  (when I said yesterday that I had given myself permission to throw it in the bin – I imagined it would be because I didn’t like the end result – not that I would have puckered up, see through pages with holes in them!)


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  1. Ack! What a mishap! It’s no fun to watch your art disappear and bleed before your eyes!
    Golden Paints makes an acrylic medium called GAC 100. You can use it as a sealer and paint thinner. They recommend covering canvases with GAC 100 before working them – and you could do the same with your pages. It will seal the pages, so something from one side shouldn’t bleed through to the other. You can also use it to thin out acrylic paints to make glazes.

  2. Drat! So sorry about your beautiful garden and your journal overall. But hey, you get to pick a new one 🙂 Maybe you can pull out your finished pages that are still in good condition and add them into the new journal?

  3. I’m so sorry about your pages. 😦 This one looks fab in the pic, sorry it ran. Before you give up on it, try gessoing the pages before painting them. I had to do that when I was using a plain old spiral notebook for art journaling.
    Either way, I can’t wait to see more of your journal pages.

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