A sorry day


5_6_july_08_resizeIT IS A SORRY DAY INDEED – I have spent most of the day hunting for another suitable ‘replacement’ for my new art journal project without much joy.  A pet hate of mine is how manufacturers make beautifully covered books with sh*!$@ paper in them – WHY BOTHER!  Anyone who appreciates & is prepared to pay for a nice journal book usually ALSO wants nice paper……..URGGH!  I am over it………….I have bought large sheets of my evergreen fav……Fabrico Artistico watercolour paper & will make my own book – I can’t go wrong with this – (I have tried ‘soft pressed’ this time, I haven’t used this one before, but it’s nice, & the colour is really soft white – delish!) it just means it’s going to take me at least another day before I will be ready to start again in my journal…….VERY annoying……….SO – I have about 10 faces that I did while I was away & I am going to bare my soul by showing you the GOOD, the bAd & the just plain Ugly…….(with a Kapital UH!)…….but, I still think worth the process….I don’t want my blog to be a place of perfect art – it’s just my art & hopefully my regular readers will be supportive, knowing that I am being very brave doing this.

I realize my Elven girl has an off centred nose, which made her lips all queer; AND she has a kinda hunching Quasimodo looks about her – come to think of it, her hands could be his as well!

I am actually pretty happy with my ‘skating girl’, but in person, her left eye bled & I have botched the repair job.  I am sure someone with more watercolour experience would have known what to do.  I used rock salt to get the effect on her dress. Oh, & maybe her sash is a little skewiff to her bust line……

The journalling on around the window on my page from last night says…….’my art is SACRED, not because it is so fabulous, but because it is a part of my soul gaining outward expression, then shared with the world.’  Be kind to me – I am ‘drawingly challenged’ LOL!


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  1. I am really enjoying seeing your new projects! The same thing happened to me also, so for my journal on France and my river journal attached water color paper to regular lined paper journals. I needed to see how the pages worked together. When I am all done I will bind them by hand! Anyway, your faces are fabulous, and I love the newspaper clippings with your own writing over them! Roxanne

  2. All of your faces have been good and they just keep getting better! I didn’t even notice the little quirks you mentioned until I read what you wrote. We are always so hard on ourselves, aren’t we? Keep listening to Suzi because she’s so right on about this whole creative process!

  3. Keron, those faces are awesome, WOW!!! Keep doing what you are doing because they look great.
    I know exactly what you mean about beautiful journals, crap paper. Much better making your own to avoid disappointment. Have decided to try and join in the journal challenge, looks like fun!

  4. Wow. Until you pointed out the bits and pieces you didn’t like I didn’t even notice them. I sure wish I could do something, anything with just plain pencil and paper (not even thinking about watercolor even) that looked half as good. Keep up practicing as I’ve been told by everyone I know that it is all in the practice!

  5. Keron, I have nominated you for the Brilliant Weblog award. Please so my blog for details! 🙂
    BTW, I love the faces you’ve been drawing and I think perfect is way over rated!

  6. I have just found you through Jacky’s blog and I am so glad I did! I love what you are doing and you have given me the confidence to have a go at journalling.
    I will be back regularly to pock up tips and ideas.
    Thank you.
    Linda x

  7. Keron, you are braver (is that a word) than me to put your work out there, at the same time I thing it is very good, I know you think I do oK, but I could never do what you are doing, more great work, keep it up, I am enjoying your progress. The salt effect is fantastic, you certainly have a great eye for the detail and perspective. Love J x

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