another adventure of risk


How can it be that STRAIGHT after challenging myself with drawing faces, I jump off another cliff into the messy, disjointed world of aRt JourNals?  Well, Sarah Whitmire (darling, that she is) has thrown down the Gauntlet to have a go – Suzi has been saying it for some time…………she haunts me……..’just make a mark,’ she says – ‘any mark’ & ‘no mark is wrong if you made it & want it to be there!’……..SO I am making marks.  I dithered for 24 hours over what book I would use & the format…….(though I was thinking about this for the 48 hours before hand while we were still away & I couldn’t do anything to start it) I often think of the end before the beginning…… wierd iImg_1030_resizes that!  I usually like to work on coldpressed water colour paper – but money is tight at the moment & I didn’t have any, so I just thought – use what’s on hand – so I did.  I used one of those ‘moleskin’ note books.  I already regret it – the paper is not durable at all….but I have given myself permission to throw the book out if I don’t like it, at the end……….if it has an end…….some times it is easier to start a project than to finish it, particularly if it is not going well some where in the middle (I still have 7 skinny book pages to finish!)  I like having different projects on the go, but I am really Img_1026_resizetrying to work at ‘daily’ habits & i am hoping this journalling will help that…….& perhaps I will integrate my face into that… will evolve I am sure.  I am not good at either DAILY OR ‘habit’ but I am working on this to improve some of my skills.  Enough with the ‘rabbiting’…………Sarah challenged us to first, cover some blank pages with dictionary  pages, then write over them using the prompt ‘Today I Feel’  I had the benefit of a couple of days of instructions & I used some dictionary & some music on thicker paper (at the front of the book to give it a bit more body).  The idea was to pick out dictionary words on the pages glued down & incorporate that into your writings.  NEXT we were meant to GESSO over the writing & work over it.Why_this_book_resize  I didn’t want to – I wanted to own my writing & keep how I the record of how I felt starting out this project. What I did was write on one page & leave the other for my following challenge (I am not necessarily going to slavishly follow Sarah’s prompts – however she gets all of the kudos for getting me going on this!)

Following the ‘Today I feel’ adventure – we then needed to ‘Name it & Claim it’ by writing our name over & over in the front of the book (supposed to be over our earlier writings),  I diverged a little & created a representation of the origins of my name & the reference to it in the Bible THEN pictorially represent a ‘guardian’ of your creative soul at the front of the book to challenge any thoughts of doubt or self loathing we may encounter through the process.  Sarah suggested a Knight on a noble stead would do the job, but I realised that I needed ‘a whole castellated formation (castle, walls, fort & moat – for those non-architecturally speaking!) to protect my introspection while I create’ coupled with a ‘knight (in shining armour of course) to ward off self doubt’. A_musing_resizeI don’t want to talk to anyone, or go anywhere, I just want to BE – I don’t want to DO….. MY MUSE floats over head, not necessarily prepared to join in – she takes her time before she is committed to the process…….oh, and it doesn’t matter WHAT I am wearing – my PJ’s or my best outfit – I still paint….(I am known to wear an apron usually)….but then I think, as I see the Golden Azo Quin. Gold on my sleeve, that I REALLY SHOULD have thought about what I was wearing BEFORE I decided that my latest creation just needed a ‘bit’ of paint here!

Hidden amongst all of this is my face of the day – a sort of representation of me – with my lefts & rights mixed up (as a child I was naturally born left handed & was subsequently made to work right handed & it buggered up my brain – I get seriously confused over ‘twos’ of anything……..I KNOW how dumb that sounds……but a few years ago I met a medical specialist with the same problem & that made me feel a whole lot better about it.

IF YOU ARE CURIOUS ABOUT ART JOURNALS – here are a couple of my Fav’s of Suzi Blu’s – these are my names – that kind of describe the content…..not her’s, I get the episodes all mixed up……

Just DO IT!

I am sacred

Loose your Excuses

Encourage Your Muse

INDEX to ALL of Suzi Blu’s Video’s


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  1. Thanks for the wonderful post Keron, I am going to have a go (bit of a late starter, but I have the weekend to catch up).

  2. YAY!! I am SO SO SO glad you joined us!!
    I think your journal looks beautiful and I like that you didn’t follow the rules. I want everyone to just get what they need out of these exercises. And if all you needed was a little tushie push in the right direction I am happy to do it for you! 😉
    *Soul HUGS*

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