We are home.  Although it is special to be away – it’s lovely to be home – I always miss my bed & of course we miss our babies.  Our Princess has learned to say ‘s’ and ‘l’ in the 10 days we have been away.  Her diction seems to have taken a huge leap forward & she seems different in only a couple of weeks – how quickly they change when they are littlies!  We have had 11 hours on the road today & were greeted with a sick little princess who needed some TLC from her Nonna & Poppa, while mummy went to uni…….so I’m a bit tired now that I finally have gotten to my computer.  Thanks everyone for your encouraging words about my ‘face of the day’ drawings.  I still think they are sadly lacking, but I have to admit that even after a couple of weeks, I can see some progress, even if it is slight.  Sorry, this is a terrible scan, the colour of these is actually alot more delicate, it seems as though the darker areas are exaggerated & you don’t see the tonal values at all.  My inspiration for these were the mouths & eyes of Sharon Tomlinson – I LOVE how she makes her lips full & almost pouty & Polynesian looking.  OK!! practice, practice, practice, practice – Misty SAYS – PRACTICE!!!!  I am working on it!  Today’s face was done in the car as we drove along, on our long trip, we were talking about house design alot of the way & one of our Paper Traders Round Robin Travelling Art Journal topics for the next project is ‘The House within my Head’.   So this is the ‘house in my head’ today.  It’s not our current house – and it isn’t even my dream house – the shape just seemed to evolve into a Tudor cottage for no particular reason.  After creating one ‘head house’, I might have a play with a different shape in the next couple of days, as I would probably now either straighten up the head, or make the house more sloped……..it needs one or the other.  It really appeals to me though – this look of a ‘house in my head’.  I have lived and worked in the housing/renovation industry for a long time in the same area & it’s a bit of a bazaar notion that you drive through streets & know what the houses are like on the inside.  Or that you are in a store somewhere & you see a wall tile or a colour on a paint chart – and it reminds you of a particular home.  I REALLY do carry houses around in my head!

Yesterday’s diva is looking on with much suspicion.  She is a little more shaded than she looks, however, it is a simple drawing.

ps – I added our wedding pic to my anniversary post – the fashion of the day!


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  1. Keron, great job drawing!!! You should be very proud-not many can do that! Love the lady with the house on her head 🙂

  2. These are gorgeous Keron, love the house!!!
    I love Sharon Thomlinsons blog too. Recently bought one of her canvases… beautiful and delicate in real life and lovely to see the colours and shading in the faces.

  3. I check out your blog several times a week. Wow! Your practicing is paying off, your faces are getting sooo good. Maybe there’s hope for me yet.

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