Finally a face!


Img_0942_resizeFinally, I am at an internet cafe that accepts a USB key, so I can upload some stuff.  I actually did this face a couple of days before I left, however I was not happy with the ‘eye’ alignment, it’s a bit off & I needed some remedial help from Abby to fix it a bit – so it didn’t end up getting posted. Now that I am nearly two weeks down the track, I am struggling between realism & fantacy.  As I am using actual ‘drawing’ instructions to create my faces, they end up looking a bit too real, (but not good enough to be real) – but not ‘unreal’ enough to be caricatures….  I have printed out a few faces by various artists so that I can learn from them, with regard to shading & shadowing (Suzi Blu, DJ Pettit, Sharon Tomlinson, Misty Mawn) however, when I use there’s as inspiration, I can’t help but comparing & mine just look TERRIBLE.  SO – my lesson from this face – work on better eye alignment, BEFORE they are coloured in!

My Alpha Stamps design team collegue Sarah Whitmire has a GREAT art journaling challenge on her blog if you are up for an art adventure!  It looks fun & I hope to be able to join in when I get back.


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  1. Hi Keron, bravo for you having a go at your faces…I am still struggling away with mine. I too find it hard as I try and make them too real-life, when actually I love the more “arty” faces. Got to try and get away from that! I need to try each day and sketch, if not paint, until I get better at it.
    You are doing a great job and your posting of this picture that you arent so happy with (whicy by the way is lovely), has inspired me next post to show a picture of one I am working on that just isnt right!!! Got to have a go though…not be afraid to show as really, my faces are still evolving.
    Have you checked out the art of Modigliano. I love his faces!

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog! Are you away on vacation? I like your work on faces, they are hard! Also thanks for the link to Sarah Whitmore’s journal project. I think I will do it! Roxanne

  3. I think this is great! I’ve been attempting faces lately too. You mentioned a few of my favorite inspirational artists. lol DJ Pettit is amazing. Another fave of mine is Kelly Rae Roberts.
    Can’t wait to see your next face! Have a wonderful week!

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