I’m livin’ in the 70’s


Dkweddingpicweb well – today my DH & I have been married for 28 years – whew – I don’t like to portray it’s been a walk in the park – AND it certainly has had it’s fair share of precipes’ but, you know, it’s comfortable – some days we’re a cranky ‘old’ married couple – bickering at each other – then on other days it’s like we’re still kids muddling our way along & being sweet to each other.  The 70’s were my teenage years & we were married on 12th July 1980 – in 70’s colours..chocolate brown, cream & powder blue.  Someone coined the phrase for the ’70’s it was ‘the decade that style forgot’ yet, it seems sureal, for the first time in my life, reliving through a fashion/design era…seeing the shops, colour trends, patternation & Visual Merchandising in large stores full of designs & colours I wore when I was a teen – it’s a bit wierd.  I haven’t seen shoes like this yet – but I had some!  My hair (even for our wedding) used to look like this…..My FAVOURITE group was BCR (blushing with shame – AND YES – I HAD a pair of their famous pants!) until about 1972/73 – until the REAL music of my generation was created & IF you can bear it (I laughed when I saw it again)……..here’s the famous song, by a band called Skyhooks – the song – I’m livin’ in the 70’s’.

Until my DH came along, smoking (eeee-uuu…..B & H), & swooned me off my feet I was going to marry this man! who reportedly was worth SIX million dollars……..LOL!!!  (ah, those were the days!!!)….

When I get back home I will post my baby face – yes, I was a child bride – married at 19! (added 15th July)


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  1. Loved your memories. I too was a BCR fan, I still play their music when in my art room, it lifts me up… Fancy that you were going to marry the 6 million dollar man!!! lol – sounds like you got lucky with your DH and I CONGRATULATE you on your long marriage xxx

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! Love your blog… I was a child of the 80’s so I can relate. Read you next time, Robin

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