Suzi Blu & Me


Fotd_020708_rendered_resize                                                       Fotd_020708_resize                         I have had a little time to reflect & try to pick up the pieces of the rest of my year, as this is not where I thought that it was headed when it started 6 months ago. I didn’t set a lot of goals, (which is unusual for me) as our direction for the year was pretty well determined & we knew where we were heading & thought we knew how the year would pan out.  ENTER: life shipwreck…….(major players disoriented & in disarray)…..and now, left on the shore amongst a collection of flotsome & jetsome I am working at moving on……….. When I read my posts from the start of the year, I realised that I really had wanted to prioritize drawing this year.  I haven’t, this goal has slipped by the wayside of other far more immediate challenges.  I guess doing the class with Misty didn’t help there – I really didn’t do too well there at all.  (PLEASE don’t ever take this as ANY reflection on Misty – I was the DUD student – I just didn’t get it!)
I don’t know how many of you have discovered the amazing young artist Suzi Blu – I know, she lives a little on the eccentric side of life – but don’t say anything bad – I love her!  She appears to be so liberated in her thinking regarding composition & so free with her use of materials – oh, & obviously uninhibited about being in front of the camera!! LOL!! She is liberating about having permission to create art despite what you consider your shortcomings & inhibitions – watch this – you’ll be painting in no time! I can SOOO relate to feeling like she can only breath when she is painting & life lived in between is gasps of breath waiting until you can be there painting again.  I feel like that about creating art – it’s not painting specifically for me – just creating in general….. (though I certainly have withdrawal symptoms if I don’t have my hands in some paint, smooshing it around, for any extended period of time!)  BUT unlike her, I DO have a husband, DO have children & DO have grandbabies & whilst I love them all desparately – I could easily just become a hermit not emerging out of my studio at all right now.

I checked into Suzi’s blog, & saw her newest YouTube video clip & it got me right back on track.  It was all about giving yourself permission to try & fail.  SO – I have been working over the last couple of days on creating a ‘Face of the Day’.  I realize that these are NOT Mona Lisa’s each of them has things about them that I think needs some improvement – but I figure that if I persevere for a little while, I should see some improvement over time.  Fotd_030708_rendered_resizeFotd_030708_resize_2I rendered the first one (at the top) with Caran d’Ache Neocolour II crayons.  I have the 84 set, & I there is not really a good ‘flesh’ colour in it….. (I believe this has been remedied in the new bigger set) the fleshy tone is more ‘coral’ looking to me & a little ‘luminous’.  The bottom one is rendered with Faber Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolour pencils.  I like the pencils better.  Although I like my crayons, I like the control I have with the pencils better.  Particularly for doing eyes.  Also, I think that it’s easier to get subtle variations of tone where as with the Neocolour II crayons it ends up in a pool of murk!  Anyways – I’ll keep working on them & you will see my progress evolve……….oh, & PS….if you watch the Suzi YouTube clip – I live with the bad man!


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  1. Keron, your drawings are very, very nice! Suzi would be proud! We talked about books before… the best book I ever read about drawing is Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. This book is not a “copy this” kind of book , but rather it will teach you how to “look”, how to see . I highly recommend it. Also, I’m sorry to hear that you’re year has not gone as planned. I’m having one of those years, too. DH out of work, hope we don’t lose our house, that kind of thing. I hope both our roads change for the better soon. Chin up! Thank goodness for ART!

  2. Both of your drawings are good but I especially love the girl with the ribbon in her hair – she’s very well done! …and oh so sweet =) I didn’t know who Suzi Blu was but apparently Mom and Letha watch her all the time and so now that I’ve discovered her, I will have to stay tuned… she’s a hoot! And I love her “just do it” attitude.

  3. Ah yes, suziblu. While she’s a bit different, I can’t help but love her because she has touched so many people’s lives in such a positive way .
    too bad about your year. I hope things will get back on track soon.
    I love the bottom face you did. I find it hard to try to be unique with my faces when there are so many excellent artists in the blogging community.
    Wishing you many peaceful moments for creating.

  4. gasp! you live with the bad man? oh, honey, i’m so sorry.
    your paintings are sweet. don’t listen to him. quick! run away into your studio and lock the door. sneak out when you have a new one to post. we’ll be here.

  5. I agree with you Keron, I love Suzi Blu too and I really like the way she plays with colours. Very inspiring, although she is a bit strange, I find this also endearing. By the way, I love the piece from your previous post too, by the way. Did you also discovered Willowing on you-tube? She looks a bit like Suzi Blu

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