Primary Numbers


Img_0150_resizeThis is the last of my ‘country canvases’ either done or started during my little soujourn last week at Jenene’s in country Victoria.  I created it on a 16 x 20" canvas board using a found image (found by Jenene – lol!!) This ‘darkness’ was a bit of a departure from what I had been creating, but it really just happened….& the results were quite enchanting.  The numbers are pre-cut, but I don’t remember what the brand of them was & though you don’t see it very well in the photo, the RHS of the canvas has some of Jenene’s ‘wall & brick pattern’ stamps.
We are all Primary Numbers divisible only by Ourselves’…’s a bit of a cryptic quote by Jean Guitton.  To be honest, the quote was just chosen because of it’s link to the solitary, haunting, figure in the alley way, however upon further investigation it seems to have been a good serendipity.  Jean Guitton (1901-1999) was a French Catholic philosopher & theologian who was a prisioner of war held by the Nazis.  His ecclectic life experiences & learning helped form him into a highly acclaimed ‘thinker’ of the 20th Century & was the first lay person to be invited as an observer to the ecumical council of the Vatican, becoming close friends with Pope Paul VI.


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  1. Hello-
    I have to say, this post caught my eye, but I went back into your blog, and was lost( in a good way) in all your art. WOW!!!! I adore your blog and it is being saved in my favorites. I am a mid 40’s mom of 3 too, although mine a a bit younger. I have always had fears of failure, and I have to say, there was something in the way you write that has inspired me. I L*O*V*E your mixed media stuff- GORGEOUS! I cant wait to get back to your blog and read more. Any tips for a beginner? From what others are saying, I need to just draw. Good,bad, or otherwise. Let me know your thoughts.
    My name is Sandy, I live in Connecticut, USA and it is a pleasure to meet you.
    ❤ Sandy

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