she has wings


Img_0551_resize Here’s the ‘white’ canvas from last weekend…’s been transformed by the inspiration from my forest walk yesterday.  The canvas has real feathers that I found along the way taped on with ‘specimen’ tape, & then lots of other bits & pieces including numbers & labels I made myself.  AND YES – I DID DO THE little sketches….just don’t look too closely that’s all!  They look ok in this low res pic!!! LOL!!  The central bird is a Cavillini one & the text reads….’she sings, though the bough beneath her bends,content in the knowledge, she has wings.’  I know that Abby & Jenene were a little surprised to see me cutting out symetrical, square, straight edges last weekend, as this is a significant departure for me…….it IS different to the way that I generally approach things & I must say I did find all the straight lines more of a challenge.

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  1. As lovely as your first photo was in it’s beautiful simplicity, I am sure that your daughter must agree that the final result is even better! I love those little found bits of nature and all they represent and you have tied everything together here so beautifully… straight edges and all! Of course, I am a straight-edge kind of girl so it’s nice to see how a true artist can make them seem free-flowing and not at all rigid. Just lovely!

  2. Oh my Keron!!! This is just absolutely beautiful, love the colours, the composition, the “realness” of the feathers and your little hand-drawn bits too. They all add to make this one spectacular piece of art!

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