Img_0139_resizeHere is another of my ‘country canvases’ simply titled ‘Doors’ .  It is approximately 16" square & a pictoral representation of where my life is right now, lots of decisions, each one with implications…. lots of choices, each one with unknowns & uncertain direction (I trust God, so that doesn’t worry me, however,  I just don’t know which direction I should be heading right now). 
Life can be like that Img_0143_resizesometimes & we look for talisman along the way……the quote says, ‘there are things know, & there are things unknown & in between are the doors’ – how true for where I am right now.  The stamps are from a company selling a great product called ‘Darkroom Door’ (introduced to me by Jenene).  I love them, they are really nice.  (this piece is already sold)

In the front of the canvas is on of the skeletons I have pulled from the leaf refuse I have swept from our deck lately.  It didn’t photograph too well like that, so here is a separate one.  Img_0184_resizeSweeping the deck with my little Princess ‘L’ is one of my special joys.  It is always when life is complicated the pleasure of simple things seems to be amplified.  Her mum has been quite unwell this week & they have practically lived here, so we have had lots of ‘deck time’ with the ‘boom’, as she calls it.  Our other joy is cooking – she LOVES it – we are up to 3 – 5 word sentances now & one of her regular requests is ‘Ellie cook, Nonna’.  I don’t know if you have noticed, but we are FINALLY starting to see the emergence of hair – YAY!!  She will be TWO next weekend, (where did that 2 years go???) & the fine little golden ringlets & waves are pretty much on track with her mum.  I gave birth to bald babies & it always took them a couple of years to get hair!



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  1. OMG!!! Keron the Door collage is stunning! I love doors so it really knocked my socks off. The texture is great and reminds me of an old plaster wall. Great quote too.
    Your little Princess is adorable with her golden curls! I too was a bald baby & now have more hair than I know what to do with, lol. Happy Birthday to the little Princess!

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