Down on the Farm


Img_0095_resize this is my w.i.p. (work in progress) from the weekend.  I have 2 other completed canvases to show you, however, I haven’t photographed them yet, so I can’t show you those.  As soon as I saw this image of a tree I was mezmerized by it.  It is solitary – & lonely, but serene & peaceful all at the same time.  I have Img_0097_resizeattached some nice papers to the piece as well, but I am not sure which direction to take it just now.  I gessoed over everthing & then rubbed it back……Jenene says snow, but that wasn’t really where I was heading with it (although all of the crisp white does give that impression)…… daughter says she will cut my fingers off if I add or take away anything from it, because she loves it just as it is……hmmmmm not sure on this one.  Now that I am back home, the country magic of the moment has broken & it’s very possible this one will sit for a while with no direction.   Here are some of my ‘captions’ & inspirations from a special artistic sojourn in country Victoria.  One of my lovely surprises was how incredibly lush & green everything was.  We have been in drought for such a long timDsc_0014_resizee & waterImg_0027_resize has been (& still is in short supply), obviously it is doing it’s job down in this area (though our over all water storage for drinking is quite low) I HAD to take a pic of Jenene’s fabulous bird house – it’s a work of art in itself!…. Img_0106_rosellathen there were the new alpaca guests being housed in the


side paddock & early morning Rosellas (which is the reason that the rest of my canvases aren’t photographed – I got distracted!) One of my great joys was seeing the sunrise – as we don’t have a clear eastern perspective at home, (it’s a mountain) we don’t see the sunrise…..spectacular sunsets (off our front verandah) – but no sunrises….. so seeing this was VERY special.


(as usual, I have to apologise for the formatting of the pics – sorry they are all over the show, I can’t seem to get them where I want them to be, but my friends at Typepad assure me that some new tools are on the way to assist with this)


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  1. WOW I know this place ;-)) Great photos Keron, and I think I agree with Jess, it could be finished, it is a beautiful piece. L J x

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