Away to Play


I have been away a couple of days in the country with my special friend Abby, at my other special friend – Jenene’s house (who HAPPENS to be Abby’s mum!)….what a lovely, restful & peaceful time I have had……such solace for the soul…..Img_0093_resize(thank God for precious friends) I made several 16" x 20" collaged canvas boards….this first one showcases my new collage sheets (that will be available from Alpha Stamps soon) called FishTales.  I have used acrylic’s watercolours & pearl & metallics….it’s really difficult to tell from the pic, it is soft water tones with slithers of bling all over.  This is made from all of those hand cut stamps that I made a while ago….the text on the piece reads… only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been posioned, only after the last fish has been caught, will you realize that money cannot be eaten.’

I have an early morning tomorrow – so I am off to bed, I have heaps more to show you from my time away, but I thought I’d just quickly post you a little sample of what we got up to.


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