Pure Heart


Img_0368_resizeThe sky is still murky – but no longer ‘pea soup’ – I have been struggling a little to find my creative voice – I haven’t missed it – which is more worrying than it not being around.  Usually if my muse is resting, I keep working through until she returns, sorting supplies, creating backgrounds, working on digital imagery & photos…..however, I have been deep in ‘self’ preservation mode & haven’t even noticed her gone.  This piece has slowly emerged from a quiet reflective place of slow progress….. the pure heart is NOT mine – in fact, I think it is when we are at low points that we can see ourselves for who we really are – without veils….& I have been saddened to see malice & hatefulness in my heart born from my grief – I was saddened to discover it – such debilitating character flaws……..things I need to attend to…………Img_0394_resizeImg_0395_resize

anyways – the PURE heart is a friend’s – a precious person who challenges me to do better – & to press forward. Img_0387_resize I have found Img_2499_resizeImg_0384_resizegreat cathartic pleasure in beating, drilling & cutting up bits with my Dremel lately.  I have enjoyed the tactile sensation of working with heavy & solid things – metal & stone.  Paper seems so flimsy at the moment……..I have been drilling little stones, working my way slowly through some marble pieces (hard work on the dremel) & creating some bits for later use from old cutlery.

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  1. Wow… sounds like you have been going through some deep and meaningful thought processes lately!
    I love this piece you have been working on and can see how you have found it very cathartic (?). I love pounding, drilling, hammering etc. to release a bit of pent up emotion/energy.
    This is beautiful work Keron, I love what you are creating at the moment and I hope it gets you through this tough time.

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