Art Apra


This weekend our princess did her first collage.  Quite tired of boring old pencils & Img_2163_resizewax crayons, for sometime now, she has wanted to explore a bit further in Nonna’s art studio…. we discovered Sharpies, however after 2 ruined outfits, Mummy banned those – next thought was highlighters, but they went the way of the sharpies – a high shelf!!!  Then (as I described in an earlier post) we moved on to ‘painting’ with my dirty painting water. For some time now we have been ‘playing’ with various punches, I on this particular day, I thought, what the heck – I cut up some coloured scrapbooking paper strips and gave them and a couple of punches for her to play with.  Her little hands found the ‘squeeze’ punches a bit tricky, so she needed some help with that, and of course, I needed to put the paper in the ‘mouth’…….but soon we were pasting away with Matte Medium.  Mind you (the mimic that she is); she wasn’t happy using it off a piece of waxed paper – she wanted it straight from the bottle! (she would have only ever seen me do that on a couple of occasions as I primarily lay it out on waxed paper.  Once those were on, I presented her with a selection of paints & she chose metallic gold & deep crimson red…………it’s not a Mona Lisa in anyones language, but it is a priceless treasure to me & I will frame it……The next time that she Img_2180_resizevisited, she was barely in the door with her Mum & she was saying this new word that neither of us understood, anyways, I offered her my hand & asked her to show me what she wanted.  (usually she takes our hand to pull us to what she wants).  She went to my studio door & started patting at my art apron that was hanging on the door, saying ‘Apra Nonna,’ & patting it some more.  I got the message, she wanted more art!  Unfortunately during the ‘water painting’ episode I had discovered that her plastic coverall bib didn’t fit her any more & I needed to get her a bigger one.  So here it is – an Apra for a Princess!  (and of course, the princess herself, checking out what fits in the pocket)



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  1. She’s adorable! I love the story you’ve told about your afternoon with her , too cute! We have Mac , who’s just slightly younger , and learning her language with her is such a treat lol.

  2. What A DOLL…and your apron looks beautiful on her. Isn’t it something when we talk about grandchildren!! They are so precious to us…Jo-Ann

  3. She is beautiful. What a bright little button! Does she live nearby? I hope she gets to see her grandmother often. The apron is lovely. I particulary like the pink side Keron. Colette

  4. Keron,
    Your little princess is adorable! She looks wonderful in her spiffy new “apra”. Really a great
    idea. ~Teri

  5. Keron, the little Princess is as beautiful as ever, give her a hug from me. Kasha (also known as Ka, Ka – he, he)

  6. Oh, Keron, How Precious. There is nothing on earth that beats being a grandmother, is there? You are in for even more fun with your little princess as she grows older.

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