Matters of the Heart



      Img_0258_resize                                                            Finally, I have ‘finished’ my book made from cabinet cards. I began it in a class with Nina Bagely at the Art Retreat in Melbourne in May.  (it has taken nearly 4 weeks of working on it a little bit at a time)  I suspect this will be one of those books that I will be adding to forever as I find little treasures along the way.  There are 20 openings, each with a vintage cabinet card on the face page.  I used the covers and the spine of the old book whose cover was decorated in Art Nouveau styling….(my fav. design period)  The spine of the book was too gorgeous not to use; so I made it into a kind of a ‘wrap around binding’ using a heart necklace (because matters of the heart need to be unlocked).  Each page has a story that are expressions or dilemmas of the heart.  The slide show is the pages in sequential order, the other pics are snapshots of detail.  If you think about it, you might find your own heart here somewhere.

1.Binder of Hearts – Rev Brown has bound many hearts together in the Abbey where he serves God

2. Cherished Heart – Our war hero has a heart cherished by his whole town.

3. Childhood SweetHearts – their love endured the test of time.

4.Collector of Hearts – like all ‘princesses’ she is loved everywhere she goes

5. Deluded Hearts – their love affair begain with 2 tickets & an Exquisite Illusion of love.

6. Detachable Heart – Her heart had been pinned on by Nanny

7. Enchanted Heart – his heart was enchanted from the minute heImg_0266_resize first saw her.

8. HearTea – Tea was her true love

9. Heart Trader – loose attachements

10. Hearts torn by Indecision – they didn’t know which family tradition to follow

11. Misdirected Hearts – many men go fishing all of their lives, not knowing that it is not really fish that they are after.

12. Mystified Heart – she travelled the world looking for love in all the wrong places

13.Observant Heart – she looked for love from her front room window

14. Rusted Heart – her heart rusted as she waited for her love to return from The War.  He never did.

15. Valiant Heart – to him, love could not be reduced to games & numbers

16. Secrets of the Heart – Soul Mates (this photo is my paternal grandmother)
‘The face is the mirror of the mind and the eyes, without speaking, confess the secrets of the heart.’

17. Ticking Heart – She didn’t have time to wait for love, her body clock was ticking.

18. Venetian Heart – the home of her heart

19. Weathered Heart – comes with age

20. A heart for family – poem of famiImg_0252_resizely wisdom Img_0257_resize


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  1. Keron,
    What a beautiful book. It looks like one of those rare treasures that no one can fully appreciate in pictures. I wish I could lovingly leaf through it and experience it in person. Sarah

  2. Keron,
    The words exquisite & inspiring come to mind while viewing your book slides. I love it! It’s
    just so full of love and life, I wanted to know the people in the photos.

  3. Oh, Kes, this is FANTASTIC!! I absolutely LOVE it, I just LOVE it!! I think I love it even more than skinny book….thinking of you babe…Lynne xxxx

  4. keron – honey, it is just beautiful!!!!! truly a work of art, and understandable that you spent so much time on it here and there. i’m thankful i could see the finished piece online, even if it isn’t the “real thing” to hold in my hands. and, shhhh – don’t tell – my last name is bagley, lol –
    i finally unearthed my tool bag and pulled out all the treasures that i received during the retreat. your stones are really special to me – they feel smooth and cool to the touch, which is nice right now with our 95 degree weather. please remind me again of the stone – mookite? i know that isn’t spelled correctly – and from what part of australia it was mined.
    take good care of yourself, and that tender heart of yours. xx nina

  5. Oh WOW Keron, your Matters of the Heart book is sensational, looking forward to seeing it in real. Love Jenene

  6. Keron, this book is outstanding; truly gorgeous. I love the way you have bound it with the chain and heart and the meaning behind that.

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