Oil Cloth & other Interesting things


Img_1948_resize NEWS FLASH – IT’S OFFICIAL – World, I am to be a Nonna again!!

WOW, that makes 3 times in 3 years!!!  (I am kinda cheating a bit, cos our first two grandbabies were only a few months apart both born in 2006!)  We were very excited to find out today that our son & his wife are to have another baby early in the new year…….thrilling news for any Nonna.  Babies bring such joy & it is so lovely having them in our lives again.  (yes – though I am 47 yo – I am STILL clucky!)Decal_ruler At the moment they are hoping for a sister for darling little Toby, but I think as time goes on, they’ll be wanting the same as most parents, a healthy baby!  I have been busy, busy with work stuff this week, and sadly, not alot of time for art.  I have been ‘forced’ to bring out my old sewing skills though to make up a new art apron for the Princess. (I’ll tell you the story later)   Last weekend she discovered ‘painting’ (with my dirty water from artwork), & I discovered how much she had grown when she was NOT happy squeezing into the ‘coverall art smock I have had for her for a little while. I later realised was actually only a size 1 – not good considering she is quite a tall almost 2 year old!  Alpha Stamps have some great fabric in stock called ‘oil cloth’ (scroll down the page a bit, there are some great colours & patterns – I have no idea why it’s called oil cloth though), it’s printed fibrous fabric that has a plastic coating – JUST the thing for a toddler’s art smock!  The good thing about it is that it doesn’t fray, so I have gotten a deckle (patterned) edged ruler & am making a ‘scalloped edge’ to the apron by just marking out the template from the ruler then cutting it out.  COOL HUH?! Img_1981_resize

Autumn is beginning to fade and blow away as we start to head into winter.  The mornings are very cold, often around freezing point here in the hills….and we are having some short bursts of intermittent rain.  Oh how our country needs rain – we have been in severe drought for several years now.Img_1985_resize


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