Wooden stamping blocks


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Img_1868_resizeOne of our finds on our shopping journey into the hills last week was beautiful vintage Indian wooden printing blocks at a really good price.  Carved from a single piece of wood, I got ones that were geometric & floral/paisley designs.  These were used to handprint patterns on fabrics, & some people know them as batik blocks.  My understanding that due to the handcarving & the variation that can occur due to their age & original use, each block is unique.  The surface of my blocks have been stained dark colours, residue of the original vegetable dyes used, & they have left a gorgeous deep patina on the wood.  One of them has drainage holes & a couple of the larger ones have bulky handles on the back to make them easier to manage.  This is my first go with them – I tried a nice juicy ‘chalk’ stamping pad, however, it didn’t work at all.  I then made a brew of acrylic paint & Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid (which made the paint more runny) & lightly sponged it on – I think that my ‘trial’ on my working top (see below) worked out a bit better than my book page, but it looks ok – & I am off to use them again to finish off my ‘Cinderella’ castles for an Alpha Stamps swap.


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  1. These blocks are fabulous. You are so lucky to have found them. In a class with Anne Bagby I learned to roll paint on a printing block with a brayer or sponge roller. It works very well.

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