Just a Bit of a Tease


Here is a couple of pics of my ‘Matters of the Heart’ book from my Img_1756_resizeclass with Nina last weekend.  I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to end up with when I came into the class in the morning, as I had bought the things that Nina asked us to, plus all sorts of other bits & pieces.  I didn’t know whether she was going to be one of those teachers that ‘stick to a plan’ & DON’T like any deviations – or whether we were learning techniques & we could take it in any direction.  Thankfully, Nina was incredibly liberating (which suited me for this class, but for the class the day before with Misty, I needed a ‘paint by numbers’ step by step!!! LOL!!) As we gathered around when she was demonstrating, I caught sight of these gorgeous rich red fabric strips she had on the table.  On the spot I was inspired to run with a topic around the heart – hearts, love, valentine, or something like that.  I knew I had my fabulous book covers with me that had red on them with me.  The NEXT problem was getting some of the red strips – they were all sold & no one was parting with them, despite me teasing Nina all day about stealing her’s!  I decided to push on & either dye something myself later or source something else of the same ilk. My book covers have been made from a gorgeous Art Nouveau era decorated book cover & I have used the spine (which was too special to set aside) for a page marker. I haven’t done a real heap on it this week – it just has not been a week for art – some other heavy duty stuff happening & MY heart is just not in my art right now, in fact, I have even had to push myself to take a daily photograph, which is really unusual for Ms. Snap Happy here…..I have plodded through a couple of pages & embellished them, but not that much to show for the week. Img_1747_resize_2 Img_1750_resize_3

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  1. can’t wait to see more…what you are showing here looks so lovely!
    i know how it feels to not have your art the center of your life, it’s hard to come back home after such intense creating and try to jump right back in…but it always comes back!

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