Day 2


Today was spent soaking up the poetry that is autumn.  There is no betterImg_1257_resize place to do it in Melbourne than in The Dandenong Ranges & this is where we spent the day today.  In an attempt to find places that appeal to the unique stylings of each of the artists staying with us, I created an itinerary that had a smattering of all kinds of things.   First stop was our lovely local quilting & craft fabric shop, which has a fabulous range of fabrics all arranged in colour & type.  It is a FEAST for the eyes, here’s Debbi with an arm full of treasures – no one left with their purse intact!  Img_1310_resizeFrom there we checked out the local thrift shop where Jo was excited to find some foriegn text & Kasha got a fabulous old dictionary……… we then drove up the hills to the picturesque hamlet of  Sassafrass.  The deciduous trees were at their glorious best, putting on a dazzling show for our enjoyment, enhanced by the sprinkling of sunlight, that illuminated there colour -ranging from Merlot to Buttery Yellow.  Just Delish! We lunched at the quaint Tudor styled ‘Miss Marples Tearooms’ which is almost iImg_9400_resizeconic in the area & serves amazing food.  We then drove on to Olinda & Mt. Dandenong, & wandered through some lovely shops & galleries  Each of us picked up a few treasures along the way, & we managed to amass aImg_1328_resizell of Img_1330_resizethis for the day!  Despite lots of preparation & prompting, everyone seemed too tired to ‘pARTy’ hard when the evening came around…….more artists joined us for an Indian banquet & the plan was to art well into the wee hours.   In reality, most people just talked & swapped their pages & shared their art treasure.  Everyone said it was a good night, just not how I thought it would turn out!Img_1336_resize

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  1. Jacky, we surely had a wonderful time. I also agree that the Arty Party was great and so well organised. Thank you Keron.

  2. Mmmmm… that food was delicious Keron !!!
    Thanks so much for organising the wonderful “Art Party”. Believe me, we all had a fabulous time. Good food, good wine, brilliant company AND lots of art!
    It looks like you girls all had a wonderful time visiting local art shops, eateries etc. I am sure it was a trip they will all remember for a long time (I saw the shopping bags…there will be lots of memories).

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