Img_1209_resizeOf course DAY 0 became DAY 1 as Jo, Kasha & Gaye arrived in Melbourne mid afternoon yesterday.  We didn’t waste any time at all, after a quick tussle loading art laiden suitcases in the car, we headed off to visit our local chocolatier – Chris at Xocolat, OMG – what a treat – he told us all his special chocolate making secrets, but then swore us to secrecy, (bribing us with samples) so I can’t share that – but here he is telling us all about what’s happening & a shot in the shop of some of the finished product.  Img_1230_resizeAfter a delicious treat, we embarked on a shopping adventure to gather some ephemera & play stuff from our local purveyor of old emphemera & paper goods & the adventure has begun.  I read a quote last night, which I will use at some point in some art, but it kinda applies to how I feel right now, our guests are snuggled in, settling off to sleep for their first Melbourne night, & I am having some quiet time in my studio for the first time in days.  The quote reads ‘time’s fatal wings do ever forward fly.  For everyday we live is a day closer to the one we die’ Thomas Campion.  (the relevance is that it is only DAY 1, but it already seems surreal, & the time will have to pass in order for us to have the experiences we long for & have looked forward to.  Throught the process of living through them, we are already drawing our time together to a close – OK this is getting TOOO TOOOOO deep – basically 6 days is going to go in a blink!)   Although I hate this photo of the 1/2 acre I carry behind me – this is an important shot of us heading off, it marks the beginning of our’Artistic Journey’ together, to shop & to explore – to share & to learn.Img_1242_resize (thanks for being so insightful, capturing this moment in time, Abby)

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