Nest_egg_web This scan doesn’t show this new canvas up too well, because the background is deep green & forest floor colours.  It is No. 3 of my 5 ‘Nesting Instincts’ canvases, & will sit on the top row either in the centre or on the RHS edge, depends how the next one looks.  I have used the same method again, in an attempt to have some symmetry between the peices & although each piece is individual, that they all look like a group together.  The vintage ticket is from an old side show operator in Melbourne & the lettering is from a local supplier.  I have taken the liberty of using MoonGlow on the eggs to give a speckled look to them. 
Only 3 sleeps to go til my special art visitors arrive AND I have had my first glimpse of colour on the theatre room walls – (where they are sleeping) IT’S FABULOUS!  I LOVE IT – it’s dark & dramatic & DH is quite unsure at this point, but for me it was LOVE at first sight – LOVE when they opened the can after mixing it – LOVE when I carried it in – LOVE now that the first coat is up!  YUM!  (I am sure there are people in the world who don’t understand that expression being applied to paint or a colour – but I do it all the time!)   

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  1. Hi Keron,
    Your nesting canvases are gorgeous!!! I cant wait to see them in real life at our Art Party… getting very excited about that!
    Hope all has settled down in the plastering dept…. the new colour on your wall sounds very dramatic.
    Shirl and I are looking forward to catching up on Wednesday night!

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