Sparrow’s Nest


Sparrows_nest_web This is image no 2 of 5 canvases, which will, as a montage be called Nesting Instincts.  This peice individually is called Sparrow’s Nest (not rocket science!)  The canvas is 8in x 10in….it is created with an acrylic painted base, with oil crayons & embossing powder over the top.  The text is from an old french book that describes the anatomy of birds & some bible verses that are important to me right now.  I am starting to resign myself to a last minute flurry as my house is still in chaos despite all of my preparation work – men can do that to a girl! – oh well – I married a tradie – what can I say?????  With only 4 sleeps to go, it’s still a little way of taking shape  BUT tonight we will have colour on the wall!  I have chosen bushfire tones – blackened flame & charcoal suede.  YUM – it’s edible!


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  1. Oooh, I am a bad blog visitor Keron, I haven’t been here for a few weeks but I just popped in to see what you’ve been doing and what a feast for the eyes!! I LOVE your canvases – they are just fabulous!! I am sooo inspired by your ATC’s too – I would love to do something like that! Wonderful stuff! :o) x

  2. I love this Keron, the colours are so beautiful together, you might just turn me from my teal to red :))
    Looking forward to seeing your art in person so very soon!!!!!

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