Anticipating_web This little birdy, sitting on it’s nest, is watching, waiting, anticipating…….it’s about where I am right now……my DH has decided to take on major plastering just before I recieve a houseful of guests – bless him!!!  (I have other things to say – but I’ll leave it at that!)  It seems sureal that the 18 months since we organised this has gone by.  I am SO excitedly looking forward to this – I just can’t wait – only 6 more sleeps and counting (almost the hours now!)  My usually pretty organised studio is full of all kinds of ‘space invaders’ & access to work space & supplies is somewhat limited.  I was SO over plaster dust that I squished through & got out my drawer of oil pastels & a canvas…… is the result….I have decided to make a bit of a montage out of it & include some others, so I will post those as they come along…..IKKKKKKKKK…… keyboard is chalky – not good for it I’m sure.


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