Img_0581_resizeHi people in blog land – it’s going to be a slim week, blogwise – my house is in chaos as DH’s ‘plastering adventures’ have become ‘space invaders’ taking over the whole house!  I am sure my guests won’t mind if everything they sit on, touch, look at is covered in plaster dust!!!  NOT!!! (and EVEN IF they were so polite!  I can’t stand it!)  We are down to the wire now with only 10 days to go til the Artistic Journey Art Retreat…..and the butterflies are building……WOW……a house full of artists (I have 4 house guests staying) ONE WHOLE DAY with the fabulous MISTY MAWN and TWO whole days with the amazing NINA BAGLEY…………in the middle of all of that, I am hosting a fabulous ART pARTy with a collection of artists going to the ART RETREAT.  I have been packing up lovely kits for the artists coming to my ART pARTy with all sorts of treats & trinkets that I have collected for them………..I am just not getting to too much art for myself just now…….. here’s a little ‘birdy’ pic from our renovating……I am making birdy things, but I wasn’t thinking of them in terms of the mess they actually make, I just love their chirping & chortling noises……DH Img_0491_resizewas less than impressed. 

BY THE WAY – anyone living in the USA should be aware of a new peice of legislation currently under consideration that is known as ‘the Orphan Legislation’.  If it is passed, it is something that would have a big impact on you as an artist……read the post by my art friend Kim Veldt


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  1. Ooh what a wonderful life you lead! Have fun playing and thanks for the honorable mention as well , I had no idea you’d done that. Thank you , and enjoy your time with Misty and Nina!

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