Project 365 – APRIL


As I begin to write this post, I am thinking how this will sound as an archive, each month as I post my photos from 365 project I am saying the same thing!  WHERE DID THIS MONTH GO??????  Another month of my life just passed……..this month, I haven’t missed a day’s photograph for the first time.  I must say it has caused more than a little anxt with DH & my family, but so what………the pictures will still be here when I am not & they will tell tales of me!  Being a visual person, I find having photographs from each day a clear reminder of some of that day and working out what my ‘image of the day’ will be has made me much more aware of my surroundings……..I look in more detail……….I observe more thoroughly…….less satisfied with a casual glance……..My grandbabies are literally growing up before my eyes……..our little Princess is now speaking in 3 and 4 word sentances……..& our little man is running & hammering & helping with everything……he loves to be outside & his MOST fav. person in the world is his DAD! (our son)………..This month there are alot of studio & garden shots.  This is for two reasons, firstly my mobility has been limited by the injury to my knee, but secondly, I have been preparing for our Art Retreat with Misty Mawn & Nina Bagley.  I am having 4 VERY special new art friends staying with me & I have been making lots of preparations for that.  It is VERY thrilling, 18 months in the planning & finally we are down to the wire!  You would think I would be cleaning my house – but NO – DH has decided to do some plastering, so everything is in chaos & covered in a layer of plaster dust – YUK – I am locking myself in my studio with my ipod tonight & hope that the housework fairies come over night to dust everything!  LOL!!  What do you think of my chances?????  Any volunteers?????


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  1. I love your slideshows, especially this most recent one. I love the macro photos. You have challenged me to look for different sorts of things to take photos and ways of taking them.
    How’s the housecleaning going? I wish you the very best with your ART Retreat. I hope I remember to check back about it.
    Oh,I love your blog too.

  2. I’m bummed because my connection is too slow to get to see your slide show! I wanted to say congrats on your recent publication and I think I saw some advance notice in Somerset Studio of a project of yours in the Gallery so I’m looking forward to seeing it. Cheers, Trish G.

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