A Heart Entwined


Img_0128_resize    Img_0108_resizeImg_0137_resize_2

Img_0127_resizeImg_0110_resize Img_9865_resize        I created this piece over the weekend for my gorgeous DIL’s birthday today, but I didn’t want to post it until I had given it to her, JUST incase she happened to peek at my blog!  The detailing of this necklace is rather long (approx 6 inches) & has been designed with a short neck chain so that the centre piece hangs quite narrow at the top and then spreads into a fuller expression as it gets longer.  The composition is quite intricate & includes green agate, green glass beads, hand blown glass hearts & a hand cast pewter heart in the middle.  Of course one of the key ingredients is another one of the gorgeous ‘frames’ from Alpha Stamps.  I used a large & small square.  The small square has loops top & bottom which I really like because there is more flexibility of it’s placement.  I used the reversible metal tiles & hammered it into the square. I really like these tiles, because they aren’t ‘flimsy’ and they have 2 different styles on them.  It was a little tight, but not difficult to do.  I have found with the last necklace I made that the ‘frame’ section turns as you move around & it is facing the wrong way as much as the right way.  So with this one, I created it double sided, equally co-ordinating, using the Butterflies Collage Sheet from Alpha Stamps.  I have really enjoyed creating this piece, & although I ended up doing it differently, I was inspired by Deryn Mentock’s bead wrapping on this special piece.  Thanks Deryn for your encouragement & support.

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  1. Wow, this is beautiful! I have been skating around your past posts, and found this one. Your work is really lovely, isn’t Deryn a great inspiration and encourager? I hope I will be able to make such lovely pieces as you have shown us on your blog. Have you continued in your jewelry making? I would love to see more if there is anymore. Putting the blog categories on the sidebar was a great way to let us look at similar things too.

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