Gothic Arch – Asian


Any one who knows me very well, knows that I am just not keen on the whole Asian story…..I don’t like the food, the smell, the filth, the crowds, the whole bargaining & bartering way of shopping, the design styles, the minimalism………yep, I think you’re gettin’ it, it’s kinda not my thing!  I realize that there are lots of people who do like it, but I am just not one of them and my trip to China late last year just reinforced what I already felt.Arch_asian_web   It’s funny, because I did see some interesting things in China & when I first got back I was rethinking some of my opinions about it, however as I have tried to use one thing after another that I have bought and found that they are counterfiets, or only a case with nothing in them, or it doesn’t work……the same feeling is reinforced…yep – I just don’t like the whole Asia thing!  Having blubbered on about that ENOUGH, understandably a Gothic Arch Challenge with an Asian theme obviously was MORE than a challenge for me!  Still playing catch up with my arches, this is one that has hung around for ages, because I just haven’t been inspired to do it. The arch is primarily just a collage of imagery & printed papers.  I have used gesso on the arch so that the stuck down imagery has some ‘tooth’ to stick to & is well secured.  Then I stuck down the  glossy images on both sides & when they were dry, I completely painted over them.  One side red & one side in burnt umber…..I let that dry a bit & then worked in to it using a baby wipe, I rubbed to both remove some of the paint AND to ‘scour’ the images a little.  Then I let that dry & worked over both sides with black wax crayon.  Using a ‘bradle’ (a pointy thing with a handle) I scraped & scratched into the wax. I have purposely scrapped the faces completely back, so they look white, remeniscent of the white painted Giesha faces.  When I was happy with how it looked I glued an Asian fan on the front at the bottom.


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  1. No matter how you feel about China or Asia, these arches are wonderful. You have given them such an aged feel with that black crayon. Thanks for sharing how you achieved this look.

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