The Value of a Kiss


The_kiss_web Although the scan of this page looks a little simple, I have layered watercolour, acrylic & oil pastel to create the ‘frame’ for this piece which has quite a bit of dimension in the flesh.  The MOST exiting thing for me is that I have used my hand cut stamps for the first time in artwork.  They look at home there, & I am happy with how they came out.  I had intented to use real lace dipped in texture paste of some sort to give some dimension to the lace down her dress, however I didn’t have a piece that worked, I remembered my hand cut ‘pattern’ stamp & it worked a treat.

This is the story of the Ephemeral Moment, which I have written up on a lovely little tag:

I had the MOST delightful thing happen recently when our little Princess was over………….the night before I got a splinter up under my nail (very ouch) & I just couldn’t get it out despite blood, a tiny cut & MUCH prodding…..I plastered it in Rawleighs ointment (age old cure all) & wrapped it up in a band aid.  At some point during the afternoon Ellie (now 21 months old) holds my hand & saw or felt the bandaid on my finger…….she looked up at me with furrowed brows & said ‘Nonna hurt; ouch’…….& I agreed ‘hurt’ (what we call injuries with her) & she turned around with a big smile & said ‘KI’ (which is Kiss without the ‘Sss’ which she yet to master) & took my finger & kissed it……it was priceless….

One of the fabulous parts of seeing lots of people’s homes as you appraise, design & carry out renovations is that you get to see an amazing array of art. Yesterday was a particularly good ‘find’.   I have discovered by accident that I love patternation.  As I have been assembling my Project 365 pics for this month, I have realized how many of them are occurances of regular or irregular patterning or (of course) my other love – colour…..Whether in nature or designed by mankind, I am always arrested by colour.  Most of these pics are too……here are some of my discoveries




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  1. I love the texture in these, and the angle in which you took them, not to mention the colors! So often I seem to look straight down for shots like these. Thank you for showing me a new approach!

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