Gothic Arch – History


Arch_history_merge_web Yup, still arching, I have used some intricate cut out material from my dear art friend Connie & the Shakespeare imagery is from Alpha Stamps.  I think that I am running out of inspiration for arches & might I need a bit of a change in direction…..I am happy enough with the front (LHS), but the back is a bit dodgy….too many blocked shapes for me……but the more I added, the worse it got……..oh well……..I know that not everything I make will be a Mona Lisa……but I MUST keep making, because I don’t know which piece that begins as an empty canvas will become her!  Off to work in my Ephemeral Moments Journal, I have had a couple of those lately that I want to do not want to pass unnoted……oh, and I am STILL dying!Img_9451_resize_2 Img_9450_resize


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  1. Hi Keron – I can’t believe how many of your posts I have missed! Time passes so quickly but anyway I have just caught up and all I can say is Wow!! Your knee certainly hasn’t lessened your creative output which is all wonderful. Your gothic arches are all so rich and gorgeous looking and that dyed ribbon!! Enjoyed reading about your family ancestry too. Congratulations too on Somerset Life – I am so glad yu put pictures as I haven’t bought that one (yet!) – your article looks fantastic.

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