Gothic Arch – Celtic


I have one of those wierd families, you know the kind that this one doesn’t talk to that one & this one had a secret baby & this other one married his cousin & all sorts of mystery & cloak & dagger stories.  Gates_family_webI have been working on the Gothic Arch topic Celtic & I knew there was some Celtic history somewhere in my family tree way back.  (the red hair, green eyes & fair skin is a bit of a give away)  In the process of researching, I came across a big piece of my family tree puzzle. I have a big box of old B & W photographs I inherited when my paternal grandfather died & I really don’t know who hardly any of the people in them are, so it has been a bit of a guessing game.   Some time ago I tried to start to put together some of my family tree, & made some progress, but got stuck quite quickly.  In the process of doing this arch, I stumbled onto a BIG piece of the puzzle.  Arch_heritage_webI have been using & it seems to be quite good.  In the process I found a distant relative who has been looking for some of the detail that I had, and they were able to help me.  I have my grandparents original wedding invitation and (quite out of character for the day) the invitation to the wedding is from my Grandmother, not from either family.  I had no one still alive to make any enquiries to about this, so I had just shelved it. I had this photo here, which looks like a family photo, but I wasn’t sure whether these were people that my Nana may have borded with (her family was from interstate)  This week I discovered that these people were her parents (therefore my paternal great grandparents) & all her siblings!  She was the youngest of 10 children!  By the time she was married (1939, war time) here mother had died & her father was deathly ill.  AS well as that – I discovered that my grandfather actually had 5 siblings & everything I had ever seen showed him as the only child…..SO a big week!  My arch has been created with olive green tones, in keeping with the customary celtic tones. I had this B & W photocopy of a large gate with celtic patterning that someone had given me & so I muddied it up with qn acrylic glaze & some Raw Umber paint.  I have some clippings from the Book of Kells & I have highlighted all the gold.  The small ‘whiter’ piece in the middle at the bottom is a clipping from my family tree back to England in 1854 (when my relatives first came to Oz).


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  1. How lucky to come across such (ancestor) info.
    I have nothing but walls in my searches….but I’m not giving up.
    One of these days some of my ancestors will help me knock down these walls.
    Love all your work…
    Looking forward meeting you at the retreat next year

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