Gothic Arch – We’ll always have Paris


Img_9420_resize You cannot visit Paris & remain unmoved. No book can describe it. Each door you go through, every coffee you drink, beckons you, wooing your soul like a secret lover…….then it ensnares your heart like a vine

I must confess, I ignorantly & blissfully lived down under for what I expect to be about half my adult life, before I experienced the ache that comes from leaving Europe behind.  My first trip to Paris was in November 2000; my 40th year. 

They say life begins at 40, it’s true.  The constraints & strivings of youth have evolved into life experiences that, to some extent define you.  You are ready to embrace new ideas & romanticize about possibilities the future may hold.  You are more deliberate about things & more (in my case, but less in others) willing to take a risk, give something a shot, go out on a limb.

I have the privilege of hosting this week’s Gothic Arch Challenge & I have set the topic of Paris.  My arch is made up with a combination of memorabilia, photos, ephemera & store bought papers – plus memories & feelings of loss….. You Img_9421_resizesee, last weekend I was supposed to be enjoying church in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris (where I am told the choir singing sounds like angels from heaven) I would have arrived there on Saturday.   On the back is a photo our daughter took of my hubby & I the evening we arrived in Paris for the first time from  the top of Arc de Triomphe, & a map from an old Beaddekkers travel guide from Mary at Green Paper Packages.  The line drawings on the front (Notre Dame) & the Back (Sacre Coeur) are from a calendar I bought in Paris.  When I hosted the arch last year, I spoke about what everyone was doing with their arches, I promised to post a pic of mine, so here they are, still only in a raw form, I just keep feeding them onto the rings.  I am not sure when I am finished whether I will still use rings, I may just use leather lacing, as some of them are quite 3D & it would be good to have some flexibility in the binding.  As it is at the moment though, they are easy to store & still look good despite being in a ‘temporary’ phase.



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  1. Beautiful work – as always, and I think I may copy your binding idea:) I’ve been sticking my arches on the wall in front of my desk, and they’re getting a bit out of hand now! I’m planning to spend this afternoon booking a trip to Paris for my birthday in July, ooh I can’t wait!

  2. Your beautiful arch is such a wonderful inspiration! It truly captures the essence of Paris! It’s so sad that you had to miss the trip you had planned, but you have certainly made a gorgeous piece of art! I love seeing your arches all together on the rings, too!

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