Gothic Arch – Old School Days


Old_school_days_web This Gothic Arch Challenge topic is from quite a few weeks ago & was titled OLD SCHOOL DAYS.  I have used some of the fabulous childhood images from Alpha Stamps Collage Sheets
M is for Magpie
ABC Books #2
& Chalkboard

The background papers are the Basic Grey ‘Recess’ range – the same one I used for my little school house.  I like to use the little 6 x 6" pads because they have great scale for small work & the Alpha Stamps images & the Recess papers work together so well.  The stamping is purposely muted, but is also from Alpha Stamps.  Leslie (Alpha Stamps owner) has released what I have wanted FOREVER……..clear numbers  AND clear letters  gives MUCH for flexibility for design & placement.  I LUV ‘EM.  WHILE you are there checking those out though, HAVE a look at the city scapes………..these are really great…….I love them to use in collage, they make great background stamps & scenery for humans in the foreground.  This new CLEAR one will be in my next Alpha Stamps order to be sure…………Haven’t taken my 365 pic for the day yet, so I am off to find something interesting in my studio to photograph… is almost 11pm…………my camera might turn into a pumpkin!…………anyways…………at 12 midnight I am observing a minute’s silence…….I am supposed to be on the flight leaving Melbourne to Paris tonight, instead I am at home, nursing a torn ligament in my knee. Predict_web


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  1. poor Keron, not being able to go to Paris! maybe another time . . . the arches are so cute though, love the AS collage sheets & your combining them with the recess paper.

  2. Keron- these are so wonderful. I love those little kids. Someday I am going to find time to do some stuff for a personal art journal about my children, and want to use vintage children’s images for it.
    I wanted to tell you how much you inspire me, to want to do more, and to express myself more in art. I check-in here every day just to see what you have been up to, and to drink in some more of what you have to share. Thank you.

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